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Bad ):

posted by playstationfan0 (BRADFORD, AR) Dec 8, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Really wish this game was M instead of teen it destroys the horror in the game and it tries too hard to be call of duty and the acting is worse than any game i've played. I miss the old area 51 if thats what your expecting its not doesnt even follow the original story. Playing this is a chore and no psn trophies makes it a worthless chore i think someone who just learned how to design games could've produced a better game even if it was only one 15min mission just sad )':

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GF Rating

Really Bad

blacksite area 51

posted by dragonknig (SHARON, PA) Mar 22, 2012

Member since Oct 2009

well lets see
Story was sadly put together.
Music and sound effects were some what good. (Could use a lot of work though.)
Graphics were good but, not the best.
Lacks a real story like what is Char. doing there 3 years ago? What is his mission?

Instead it starts out as 3 years ago without a background like why are they there?

Game play was really bad.
I had to turn all the controls to max to get a better fell for controlling the main Char.
The worst part is how long it takes to load the chapters in the game.
The computer controlled Char.'s who go with the Main Char.( that's you) don't split of for cover they all go to the same location. instead of splitting up and each taking cover they band together for cover. ( Could of asked C.O.D makers for support of the team squad.)

The Ending game was good but could of been better.
The enemy's could of been a lot harder
So my rating for this game would be

graphic's 7 sound 6 A.I's 4
story 2 game play 4
loading time 4

sadly it took me less then a day to beat this game which is sad, would i play this game again nope
would i buy it nope
replay i give it a 2 only cause you will know what is coming up so changing the settings to make it harder or easy wont matter

nice try on making the game

if it was me i would of added a co-op story mode
more monsters and boss fights
more weapons i mean come on area 51 you know they got the greatest weapons
i would of fixed the game loading screens in between chapters. added a way to add our own music if you got bored

and put a tank in too i mean come on a jeep is all you get to drive really that's all you could come up with.

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GF Rating


just barely satisfying

posted by blckwolf (MOUNT LAUREL, NJ) Nov 29, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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The game seems to be poorly put together. Loading in the middle of gunfights or driving. The controls are alright but i get them mixed up alot throwing grenades instead of squad control. Its not really realistic at all taking alot to kill someone or yourself. Overall its a decent play but would not recommend buying it

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