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What's up with the Framerate?!!

posted by Gamecreep (ELMWOOD PARK, IL) Jan 12, 2008

Member since Jun 2005

Overall, I can say that Blacksite just doesnt cut it. But for one reason alone...the atrocious framerate. I mean I can understand a little hiccup here and there but this happened through the entire game! Just terrible. The story, graphics and general gameplay were by no means excellent but not horrible either. I cant recommend this game only because I would feel very guilty knowing that people everywhere were throwing up their lunch due to the extreme bugginess(and no Im not refering to the aliens) Hopefully a patch is on it's way, but I seriously doubt it. Oh well, and I was a sucker and bought this game to.

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the game play was moderately challenging with simp

posted by sim4u2 (GROVETOWN, GA) Jan 12, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

the game play was moderatly challangeing with
straightforward missions chaceing the unlockable cards was almsot worth while
but i got more out of single player than online play despite the laging load time slowing down the action i am glad i got to play it

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posted by Diggler42o (ANAHEIM, CA) Jan 12, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

I was pretty excited for this game when I had heard it was coming out, but after reading some of the reviews and hearing everything people had to say about it, I just wanted to see how bad it was for myself.

The FPS is awful, the characters are out of line, the AI is awful (stares at walls until you make the next move) frequent load screens, sometimes in the middle of a fire fight. This game was released way too early. There's a ton of technical fixes that could have happened to deliver a game 5x better.

Story / Game play interesting

Graphic glitches
Frequent Loading points
Characters out of line
Terrible FPS
Long loading screens

This game looks like it belongs in a PS2.. maybe even a PS1.

Rent-able? I wouldn't waste my time

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