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Not near as bad as its rated

posted by BmwFreak (HACKETT, AR) Jan 18, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

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I actually give this game an 8 out of ten, but I rated it a 10 due to the extremely horrible reviews people seem to be leaving.

First off Its a great FPS, Gameplay is great, not perfect but great. The graphics aren't half bad either and the sound is exellent, the destructability of cover objects is great as well.

Lets break the game down into its individual areas
Let me just start by saying I do agree that it was rushed to production. If they would have waited about 3 more months, this game would have been perfect.

Most of the game runs perfectly smooth no glitches or hangups. The only gameplay problems I noticed was that it freezes for about 10 secs while loading a new level, ie: after jumping down from a ledge to the next area.

The target system and gunplay mechanics are diffenatly perfect, very smooth and accurate. No problems in this area.

Squad Comand and AI:
Not quite as good as say; Ghost Recon or Rainbox Six, but still very good, your teammate do as ordered but are not completly mindless if you order them to take cover and the bairer gets destroyed or they get ambushed they will retreat to safer cover. If you tell them to target a specific enemy they focus all fire on that target, their not affraid to throw a grenade into the swarm either, Squad AI is excellent in this game.

Great in most levels of the game but a few its still not fully pollished, you can tell they ran out of time for finishing a few levels,

Excellent, the sound is very spot on. Its easy to tell whats going on around you by just listening to the game.

Enemy AI:
Pretty good for the most part the enemy focuses most of its attention on the weakest or the easiest and most dangerous target. The boss battle are the only problems with enemy AI, most bosses follow you the entire time regardless of who else is attacking it. Its really the only probem I had.

Most objects can be destroyed, but this area was not finis

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posted by tommygun08 (CHICAGO, IL) Jan 15, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

this game is alright very good gameplay and storyline but yet again way to short.

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Fun Scifi Shooter

posted by Capdain (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 16, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

I really liked this game, I liked it better, to be honest than any of the Call of Duty games. I put it up there with Battlefield : Bad Company in game play and I liked the dark aspect to it. I have been looking for something besides the typcial "war" shooter and this one is awesome. I loved it. Most of all, the sniper rifle is totally fun and the controls are smooth. I am hooked.

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