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Pure gun porn...old school shooter style

posted by Rob911 (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) May 4, 2006

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Let me start by saying those of you who are looking for a halo 2 type game with a riveting storyline and online play you should not be buying this game. on the other hand those of you who are looking for an action packed adrenaline filled mindless romp through the streets and forests wasting everything in your path, and literally being a god *breathes*....then read on. Let me break this down into pros and cons

pros: the graphics and particle effects in black are absolutely the greatest ever seen on the xbox, black rivals doom 3 in the graphics department. The shooting is 100 percent superb, throughout the entire game you feel exactly like your holding an ak 47 or a sub machine gun. The sheer fun of running through a building full of armed baddies blowing chunks out of the wall and hastily throwing grenades is a great experience, no game has had this much adrenaline filled action since the old duke nukem days. From a technical standpoint this game is also a great masterpiece not once did i see a fps drop which now a days plagues almost every graphically advanced shooter.

cons: this games storyline is probably the worst thing i have ever seen. I had literally no idea what was going on the entire time i was playing, it was still a blast but it would have gotten a 10 if it weren't for this. Also this game does get very repetitive after you beat it a few times, there really just isn't a reason to go back and do it again once you beat it on black ops difficulty. The AI is a disappointment, they do take cover and what not but they just aren't smart (this didn't bother me a whole lot because i didn't really come into this game wanting my face blown off every 30 seconds because the ai is so good :)) The variety of guns could have been fleshed out a little more. alot of the guns almost feel alike.

overall: great game a recommended rent, this game doesn't have enough replay value to go out and buy. but it is certainly worth checking out. HAPPY SHOOTING!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Graphics abound...Story is Weak

posted by Cobalt80 (FLORISSANT, MO) Oct 18, 2006

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I have been playing Black for months now and still find it to be one of the better FPS for the Xbox but far from the best. For the trigger happy kid in you, this game will not disappoint. But if you are looking for an intelligent, emotional, and captivating storyline, you will be sorely disappointed. One of the most outstanding features Black has to offer is the graphics...especially the gun models and the explosions. To be honest, I got more thrill out of blowing things up than killing the enemy. All of this is wonderful but can become very routine and boring over the course of the game. Basically it's the same formula that adopts most FPS' around, get guns, blow things up, kill enemy, win the game. The gameplay itself is short and I would have enjoyed more environments to play in. It seems that the level design was fairly linear and gave you little time to explore. I found that to be very annoying and almost made me feel like I had to speed along in the game. Though these shortcomings are bad in the spectrum of serious gamers and critics, I do recommend this title for mindless shoot'em up fun. Graphically and sound speaking, you can't go wrong but don't expect much beyond that.

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great fps shooter!!!!!!!!

posted by zeldaman94 (CHICAGO, IL) Jan 28, 2007

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This game has many good features to it.
1. Its graphics
2. descent A.I
3. Beautiful level design.
4. Cut scenes are real people
5. The bad guys die pretty funny.
Overall, its one of the best games i ever played for the xbox.

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