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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not the best game

posted by semajkat (HANNIBAL, MO) Feb 28, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

Okay graphics are great,game could be fun....but the song list moves so crazy fast,it is like impossible to actually pick songs....using your hands in kinect mode...just makes them continue to spin...and you have to fight it to stop...the game would be awesome if it was not for that.

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GF Rating


not cool

posted by greg5150 (COLUMBUS, OH) Jan 14, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

the songs were great but it was hard to do...

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GF Rating

Very Good

A fans review

posted by AlexFury (DALLAS, TX) Jan 6, 2012

Member since Jan 2009

Starting off, I've been a dancer on and off through a lot of my life. Theater arts, Ballroom Dance Performance Team in college, Choreographer and dancer in college, and on at least one semi-pro dance troupe post-college. I've been doing it a while, and I like to think I'm not half bad at the low end.
That said, I tend to be a fan of the dancing games, from early DDR up to now.

One of the reasons I simply bought the game instead of rent it, was I saw early reviews showing that
1) I've been a fan of BEP for a while, long before Fergie joined.
2) Because of this, I knew I would like 90% or more of the music. Something I can NOT say about many of the other kinect dance games. I'm actually NOT a fan of a lot of American pop music and in MY opinion, they made some horrible choices. Especially in Dance Central 2.
3) Early reviews had mentioned a good-to-very-good move-recognition for the game. Rather necessary for kinect.

Overall, I love the game. The group-personalized experience, the tidbits, the bit-by-bit modifications you can unlock and add for each character, section of char, backgrounds, upgrades to those, and so on. I also loved how they mixed in a karaoke bit as well. I was always a fan of BEP as stated before, and I am a fan of the game.

That said, the main 'glaring' problem that is what really knocked 2 points off a 'perfect' score, is that the avatar tends to either always do the 'right' moves, and you only get 'almosts', or looks like a broken doll. The lack of 'true' player-representation in the game makes it highly aggravating when you are sure you have the right moves, but you get poor scores.
The only other two minor 'beefs' are that it would be nice to freely swap avatars per account/profile, and that the game is a bit too quick to 'select' something when you're trying to browse and just check difficulty.

All in all, if you like their music at all, and like to dance, then this is a must-have. It's also a ~HECK~ of a work-out even at l

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