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Bit.Trip Runner Baby

posted by giger4life (CLEBURNE, TX) May 17, 2012

Member since Jul 2007

Bit.Trip Runner was the only gem in this sea of poo. All of the other titles should be stricken from the gaming records indefinitely.

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A Bit.Trip Worth Taking

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 20, 2011

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Bit.Trip Complete makes a strong case that you don’t need cutting edge graphics in order to make a fun game. The graphics presented in this mini game compilation come straight from the 8 bit era of Atari 2600 (with a better looking background than any Atari game could ever muster.)
The compilation consists of five games.
There’s Bit Beat and Bit Flux, which plays like breakout – you play as a paddle on one side of the screen and have to stop a bunch of balls from getting past you.
There’s Bit Core where you use the control pad to blast palls with lasers.
There’s Bit Void, where you play as a black blob. Here, you have to eat up several black dots while avoiding the white ones.
There’s Bit Runner, a game where you have to get through an obstacle course by hitting a sequence of buttons or directions on the control pad at the right time.
And finally, there’s Bit Fate, an old style shooter where you blast enemies while dodging their attacks.
I found a lot of fun playing the mini games – especially Bit Fate (which is my favorite), but the later parts of each mini game can get tough – which means you may have to get help from up to three friends in multiplayer mode.
Speaking of tough, there are the challenges in each mini game. In each challenge, you have to be perfect over a long stage – one mistake and you fail. This makes the challenges way too tough for many solo players.
But I am disappointed that the online component is just a leaderboard – and that the material that you can unlock consists of average artwork, music, descriptions of the mini games, and trailers/demos of this game.
Still, Bit Trip Complete has a lot of imagination and creativity in the five minigames – and it pays great homage to the past years of videogames. It’s a definite rent, and a possible buy.

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