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Scorched Earth completed

Scorched Earth completed.

Volcanic Trail completed

Volcanic Trail completed.

Fiery Mine completed

Fiery Mine completed.

Hakann's Pit completed

Hakann's Pit completed.

Piraka Bluff completed

Piraka Bluff completed.

Smugglers Cove completed

Smugglers Cove completed.

100% game completion

100% game completion.

100 victories with Hahli

100 victories with Hahli.

250 victories with Hahli

250 victories with Hahli.

50 victories with Matoro

50 victories with Matoro.

150 victories with Matoro

150 victories with Matoro.

Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces

By collecting 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces.

Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces

By collecting 5,000,000 LEGO pieces.

100 victories with Kongu

100 victories with Kongu.

250 victories with Kongu

250 victories with Kongu.

100 victories with Hewkii

100 victories with Hewkii.

250 victories with Hewkii

250 victories with Hewkii.

50 victories with Nuparu

50 victories with Nuparu.

150 victories with Nuparu

150 victories with Nuparu.

Defeat 1000 Visorak

Defeat 1000 Visorak.

Defeat 50 Vahki

Defeat 50 Vahki.

Defeat 250 Vahki

Defeat 250 Vahki.

Defeat 500 Vahki

Defeat 500 Vahki.

100 victories with Jaller

100 victories with Jaller.

250 victories with Jaller

250 victories with Jaller.

Vezon's Awakening complete

Vezon's Awakening complete.

Defeat 100 Bohrok

Defeat 100 Bohrok.

Defeat 500 Bohrok

Defeat 500 Bohrok.

Defeat 1000 Bohrok

Defeat 1000 Bohrok.

Defeat 100 Visorak

Defeat 100 Visorak.

Defeat 500 Visorak

Defeat 500 Visorak.

Forgotten Shrine complete

Forgotten Shrine complete.

Zaktan's Chamber complete

Zaktan's Chamber complete.

Desert Outpost complete

Desert Outpost complete.

Bleak Refinery complete

Bleak Refinery complete.

Ancient Citadel complete

Ancient Citadel complete.

Reidak's Bastion complete

Reidak's Bastion complete.

Flooded Lowlands completed

Flooded Lowlands completed.

Mountain Path completed

Mountain Path completed.

Blizzard Peaks completed

Blizzard Peaks completed.

Thok's Grotto completed

Thok's Grotto completed.

Logging Post complete

Logging Post complete.

Ancient Forest complete

Ancient Forest complete.

Shattered Wreck completed

Shattered Wreck completed.

Vezok's Deluge completed

Vezok's Deluge completed.

Decrepit Dungeons completed

Decrepit Dungeons completed.

Cleansing Plant completed

Cleansing Plant completed.

Menacing Keep completed

Menacing Keep completed.

Avak's Dynamo completed

Avak's Dynamo completed.