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Bad Reviews...Still Fun in my eyes

posted by DarkDream (BRATTLEBORO, VT) May 27, 2009

Member since May 2009

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I sat down with very low expectations of this game. I heard maybe one positive review out of the good 20+ I saw. Lets start of by saying this is NOT a great game. Part of me does not even want to give it the title of "Good" However once I put it in my 360, it did not leave until I beat it.

The games story is awful (3/10) You are better off skipping all the cut scenes to make the game go by faster.

The sound Fx's get a big ol' OKAY in my book. Explosions are nice, voice acting is good but where the sound falls short is the guns themselves, they all sound weak....REALLY Weak, The super soakers in Matt Hazard packed more punch then these jokes. (5/10)

Graphics are nice and solid, good draw distance, great animations, and the city its self is downright pretty. Where the graphics show weakness is in the people you fight, clearly much more work went into making the main char. look great and the tacked on the baddies after still though, its a small shortcoming given how good everything else looks (8/10)

Ask your self "Why does someone play a game like Bionic Commando?" The answer is simple. To swing around a free roaming environment and have fun doing so. While most reviews say that you do not get the feel of free roam because of the radiation being everywhere (Which mind you is true) The very opening cut scene explains why you cant go into the radiation and clearly labels everything with a blueish steam if its a death zone so why that was such a big problem to everyone is beyond me.

Fact is swinging is ALMOST perfect, its hard to get used to because the developers clearly wanted to make it hard its all about timing as it should be and in that regard it works. I died maybe 7 or so times near the beginning of the game because I was not used to it. By the end of the game I never died, because if you allow yourself to learn something new in the gaming world it can be loads of fun. Which is game is.

FINAL SCORE (7/10) Combats ok, story sucks, swinging rocks!!!

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Waste of time

posted by Gilzen (MATTHEWS, NC) Jul 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I had high hopes for this game. I had heard several people say they didn't like it but I ignored them, I wish I hadn't.

The graphics are just ok, They could be better but that's not a big deal for me. The controls are needlessly touchy I never felt like I was in control of the character, I just felt lucky when I managed to do something cool. With more time I think they could have tweaked the controls enough to make them more fun, but oh well, too late.

It is annoying as heck to be able to learn combat moves in the way too short training flashback, but not be able to use them till you somehow magically remember how to do something later. What do you mean I can't do that yet, you just showed me how to do it.

The loading screen! Ahhhhhhhhh Every time you die load screen, almost every checkpoint loading screen, oh you just moved a few hundred feet, time for a loading screen.

Also, what's the point of a checkpoint if when I died I'm going back to the beginning of the level?

Don't bother with this bad game.

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Fun but you will give up and send it back early

posted by Horsepower (LA MESA, CA) May 26, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I've never played a Bionic Commando game before so I came in with an open mind. Right off the bat I felt that the look of the game was exceptional. The graphics were good while the lighting enhanced it even more. The sound was first class. As for the controls, at first I had trouble with them but I quickly mastered them so others who complain about the controls are off base.

The environments gave the impression of an open world but that wasn't the case. You have to stay within an area otherwise you die of gas. The story was simply to basic and really didn't get my interest. The enemy AI was really bad. The same with the boss battles.

Now here where I really didn't like it. The game is somewhat hard which is OK, except that there were very few opportunities to save. So, you work for an half hour getting to a point, die and then you have to start over from that checkpoint. Very frustrating. All they had to do was either let you save anywhere or have more checkpoints. They didn't do this so many players just keep dying and giving up.

All in all, the game is fun but you will most likely not finish it out of frustration as I did.

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