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GF Rating


Good game, But much is missing

posted by Majorgun (MERIDIAN, ID) May 28, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

This game is very fun, other than the lack of weapons in your arsenal it is very entertaining. You can only carry three weapons at a time, and for a game like this i was expecting at least 5 weapon slots. Another thing i Didnt find amusing, how many times do i have to go through the same damned routine! I mean turn off the minefields kill a bunch of dudes, Then Do it all over again. Now for the positives. The arm is awesome! Holding people up in the air while u shoot them to shreds is very fun. Swinging everywhere and shooting in mid-air is great. Throwing cars and big boulders around Kills ur enemies quck, especially useful considering they gang up on you because there is no stealth involved(hide in the Shadows! nope they still see you). I believe this game deserves a six and nothing more.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Just... stale.

posted by Lighthawkj (CHICOPEE, MA) May 22, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

The bionic arm isn't as good as Spiderman's web slinging, and the 3rd person gunplay isn't great either. It's not open world, so you can't play around with the bionic arm, and it's very linear.

It does stay true to the original though. Very similiar and sometimes frustrating gameplay. You run out of ammo constantly, and are forced to take out enemies to progress. Unlike the original you can't go back to the same area to collect things, which is frustrating.

What made the first Bionic Commando fun to me was the RPG like open world, and collecting items. The arm was just a cool feature.

This game is all about the arm, and any open world elements are gone.

Also the voice acting is pretty cheesy, and the story isn't all that interesting. Especially given the cheese factor of the actors.

6 out of 10

Now onto inFAMOUS!

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