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shot guns and splicers

posted by Dhaze420 (LAYTON, UT) Aug 18, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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WOW. I have recently switched systems from 360 to PS3, and Bioshock was the first game I got from gamefly of it.But of course like most of my reviews, i seem to come up late on most games. Bioshock blew my mind. I never really cared much for the story aspect of games but Bioshock sucked me into this underwater world of bliss. The plot was down right fantastic, I can't stress that enough. Also the controls were rock solid, most combat left you adrenaline ridden from a long lived battle of splicers. The game itself is a masterpiece including the story line, controls, and vivid imagination considering its placed in the early 40's. I highly, highly, highly recommend this game to anybody who hasn't played it already. man I'm psyched for bioshock 2, can't wait to see what rapture of Ryan industries has in store next.

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Oh freaking WOW

posted by IamDiesel (AMES, IA) Nov 4, 2008

Member since Sep 2003

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I wont disclose any particulars of the game for those who haven't played it to keep their experience "pure".

I have wanted to play this game since I first heard of it. I had contemplated many times getting a xbox 360 and giving more $ to Micro$oft just to play the game. I had even gone as far as to not hear any more or read anything about the game shortly after it was released. That way when I went to play it everything was new and exciting. OMG was that a fantastic first time experience! This game grabs you from the moment you select New Game all the way to the credit roll. Words cannot describe 2 things about this game. 1 how beautiful and unique this game is and the attention to detail of the environments. 2 how big this game is. I have a problem with huge sandbox style games cause of their size and the lack of linear game play. With every door opening or turn of a corridor causes your gob to drop again and again.

A few rules were broken and other stretched of the first person shooter. Everyone has heard of the Big Daddys and Little Sisters by now. They are essentially a boss battle a couple of times per level. They allow you to approach a map a couple of different ways. There is no 1 way to solve a level. Some maps you can almost go through the whole thing without firing a bullet if you want to or you can put your head down and go destroying all in your way. The gamut of gameplay is bigger than anything seen so far.

This is just not a game it is a experience. Like riding the Tower of Terror for the first time or seeing the sun set behind mountains for the first time. Grab this game and let it wisk you away to a world of shattered dreams and destroyed ambitions. A retro world where technology has taken a drastic different path. A world that is disturbing on many levels.

You will NOT regret this game at all!

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Bioshock review(my take on it)

posted by Dan2fast (REYNOLDSBURG, OH) Sep 16, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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well let me first start by saying it has superb graphics and alot of strategy to how to defeat foe with the different combination of weapons and plasmids, also the story line is quite interesting and drives you to keep going forward and collecting diary tape to understand some of the people and things you kill, also it does a great job of giving every bady a unique feel to how they act. Now what bad about the game is be honest not much, i say the only things is there was like a few issues with frame rate when there is alot of flying bots and you use plasmids but other than that the game holds up just fine. In end i felt like it was an awesome game if anything that could made it better would it to be a open world RPG like fallout or oblivion in a under water in a city. 9/10

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