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The new 'action-packed' Bioshock

posted by ptrac (HICKSVILLE, NY) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

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No more hacking, no more setting up traps fortifying a room as a stronghold against enemies, where is the freedom to decide how to deal with enemies? This is a new kind of Bioshock.

That said, I had no problems with adjustment to the gameplay and the vigors, etc. I think what made it feel "UN-bioshockish" for me was the story and the amount of intense action. While the first one clearly had a political foundation (Ayn Rand). It didn't seem to go as over-the-top as this one did. This one felt almost like a blatant reinterpretation of modern political sects i.e tea party/occupy. At times it feels like a love-letter to progressive ideology. At times a distracting propaganda piece. But, it seeks to polarize and offend traditional values. Maybe that's the "Shock" of the game. I think a lot of people look at this game and think it is really intelligent and deep but in reality it is quite the opposite. It is pretty simple. This kind of analogizing is not new. Its basically the kind of technique a college professor would use to make a point.

The other aspect that was less than Bioshock-like for me was the amount of intense action. How could that be a bad thing? Well, I thought the first 2 games seemed to set a lot of mood and were a bit more focused. This one seemed at times to be almost Call of Duty- like with the amount of intense action. Often times you'll be spinning around, running around, jumping for skylines and searching for cover to recharge your shield. Most notably, the final battle on the Command deck is pretty extreme compared to the rest of the game. I found the first 95% of the game rather easy and formulaic in terms of enemies. Enter new areas, battle new enemies, move on, etc. That's fine, it moves the story along. Treading through the majority of the game is pretty easy. Until the end. The crazy difficulty spike at the end of the game isn't unfair, but it is out of place. The ending is a bit polarizing and for me, predictab

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Decent, but Flawed.

posted by Psuedoknot (MARLTON, NJ) Mar 28, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I enjoyed BioShock 1 and 2 so much and I was very excited about this game.

Pros: Beautiful graphics, witty conversation, and overall unique in presentation. The story is very interesting, and it drives the entire game. If you have a good TV and the newer PS3, the graphics will blow you away. Elizabeth is cool, not annoying. Booker is likable, and the Luteces' banter lightens the mood.

Cons: VERY SHORT GAME. I was surprised when I beat the game in 2 days. I'm going in for another replay (to get all the voxophones I missed), so maybe it will take longer. BioShock 1 and 2 were very long, and the extra Sky-Rail system was fun to ride, but not a great way to get around. I missed the small minigames to open up safes and the choices you could make.

tl;dr: beautiful. short. unique. step down from bio 1 and 2. rent, don't buy.

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posted by Geomancer (PORT HUENEME, CA) Mar 27, 2013

Member since Jul 2006

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I'm sorry but this game is the weakest entry in the Bioshock line. It's weaker in story, characters, and mechanics. And don't even get me started on the cut content.

Remember that cool scene with the horse in the trailer? Cut
Elizabeth's powers involving summoning storms and such? Cut
A war between Comstock and the Vox Populi? Made into a tiny entry.

As for the characters: You know, you actually meet characters in this game, as opposed to some of them in Bioshock that stay a face on the radio. But the characters in Rapture had much, much more character than any of the characters in Infinite. Heck, DELTA had more character! If you let yourself go in the experience, you could tell that Delta was determined to find Eleanor. But DeWitt is a muddied character and Elizabeth lacks any true depth. Ryan and Sofia Lamb were much more menacing villains than Comstock.

The game mechanics also feel a lot less tight than Bioshock 1 or 2. For example, some (actually too many) areas lock you into an area until you kill all the enemies. However, you may have to track down the enemies. It is just annoying!

Hitting your enemies with the melee weapon in this game is much less satisfying than beating them down with a wrench or your drill. Enemies just seem to have too much health to make it viable.

The gear system is a degradation of the tonic system from the previous Bioshocks. Gear sometimes depend on random chance, which means that your shiny new stuff may do nothing at all when you are counting on it. Tonics would work all the time.

The upgrade system is also extremely messy. Buying upgrades didn't feel like much changed. In Bioshock 1 and 2, upgrading your weapons felt like a change. You could also see the weapon being upgraded.

I mean, sure, rent the game. It's okay. But do not buy it! Don't make the same mistake I did!

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