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A paradox of an adventure.

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Apr 7, 2013

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I been enjoying the newer Bioshocks... As it came to the PS3. I think they finally have a good combination of what Bioshock should contain into it... As the gameplay and game world really immerses you into the deep storyline that makes you think, while playing.

Bioshock plays as a first person shooter.

Based in 1912. As Booker Dewitt, you play as... Booker is a retired or unemployable private investigator. He lands a job that sends him into middle of nowhere and the job is to handle a debt Booker owes. As so it seems.
Taken to a lighthouse Booker finds his way to a city in the clouds... Riddled with delusional worshipers of a leader that plagues the city in the clouds with lies. Booker finds the woman his debt sent him to. As seeming as a regular female... Booker's role in the city of the clouds has a lot more to do with him, than just bringing the girl back to the people he owes debt to.

Spectacular story... It twists and turns. Leaves you assuming various things at once. Things that even have the critics guessing what is going on.

The gameplay is well refined and they had a very in-depth world illuminated for you to immerse your self into. They still have stages that are a lot larger than those of the first Bioshock, but they really put you in the world of a fictional city of the clouds. It has me wondering what is in store for the next Bioshock on the newer consoles. I hope they add more realism to it... Which would bring far greater human nature inside these Bioshock stories.

I still don't like the way guns are updated/leveled up. An giving your character perks seems to not make sense. I hope they add a leveling system to your character. So the character gets gradually better. I mean if I drop the gun thats leveled up... Why should every other gun be leveled up?

Either way... The bad is hardly noticeable. An this game is worth a rent.
Check it out.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent but not great

posted by Yikes78 (KNOXVILLE, TN) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

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The original Bioshock was fantastic. No. 2 was very good, but quite like a DLC to the original. Infinite is fun to play, but it isn't all that great. The Vigors are a lame version of their predecessors. Halfway through I realized I was ignoring the upgrades. I also realized the strategy to defeat most enemies was to stay away and pick 'em off one by one from afar. The narrative is extremely detailed, but it began to bore me. The collection system is now old hat and becoming tedious. The sky-lines quickly went from novel to nothing very special. Three times enemies have glitched and been hard to find amid walls. There has been some running around past sites not open until later. Bottom line: fun but average game; if you have not played original, play it instead.

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Great title for newcomers, but maybe not Bio vets

posted by P2D2 (NEW CASTLE, DE) Apr 3, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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Personally, I found it to disappointing for me, considering how of a development period it had. I'll give you my pros and cons.

-There are a lot of great moments in the game, many of them earlier on, and some at the end. But the in between felt bland.
-Almost all of the characters were well written, and mostly stay consistent to their role.
-Overall world was a visual marvel
-Magic (vigors) system was simplified greatly, of which encouraged you to use your full arsenal. Previous titles had many wasted abilities, but this one condensed them perfectly. I felt very powerful, but not cheap.
-Many hot button political/social issues were presented well earlier in the game, but they were pushed out later in-game. Not sure if this was a good or bad thing for the sake of story progression.

-Time period had so much more untapped potential; narrative went in so many directions that it lost its own identity. (Much like going through multiple Tears in-game) The explanation of many of story elements probably should have been tweaked better before releasing it as a final product.
-Overall gameplay felt watered-down
-A lot less moments of creepiness/scare factor
-Enemy types were very limited
-Exploration wasn't as exciting despite the environment being amazing in many parts. Scavenging only yields basic items like health, magic, and money
-weapons system has been cut dramatically. There were more in numbers, but several of them were variations which little to improve the feel of the usage.
-Upgrade and ammo system from previous titles was almost non-existent, upgrading only changes damage,accuracy, mag count.
-If you've played the prior installments, you may feel cheated.
-Overall game was somewhat short, with little REAL replayablity.

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