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posted by cg_labb (BRISTOL, CT) Mar 29, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Never played the previous bio's and halfway thru this i realized i've missed a great franchise. This has a really good storyline which is what lacks in most fps games. As fast paced as the game can be it also allows you to take in your surroundings and find the little nooks to pick up gamer swag. Character development and believabilty is up there with current classics like Red Dead. The setting i thought would be its cheesy downfall and ends up being a creative leap.
Great game, 9/10!

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A breath of fresh air

posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Mar 29, 2013

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Member since May 2011

The original Bioshock blew everyone away with its unique underwater setting, creepy atmosphere, amazing art style and unique gun and plasmid gameplay. Bioshock 2 was mainly the same with some cool weapons such as a drill added in but not much improvement. Now we have what has been one of the most followed games of this generation, BioShock Infinite.
First off, this game has one of the most unique settings in video game history, Bioshock 1 and 2 were underwater, Infinite takes place in the city of Columbia, in the sky. The game takes place in 1912 in what seems like a fictional America, given the fact that all around the world you can find a statue of John Wilkes Booth, old quartets singing and much more. The setting is truly gorgeous and has a very unique art style.
Bioshock Infinite is more than just a floating city, the gameplay is what truly makes this game. While the gameplay is very similar to the original Bioshock with weapons and powers, the all new blade/hook that can be used as a weapon or to glide around the massive city on these rails. The hook is the coolest thing because whan you're gliding along on a rail and you see an enemy, you can just look at them press X, jump to and kill them, jump right back on and keep gliding. The story is deep, the gameplay is fun and the game isn't short either. GO BUY THIS GAME!!!

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Bioshock Infinite: The Best Game This Generation

posted by GameMonkey27 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Mar 29, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

Like the title suggests, bioshock infinite is the best game I've played this generation. thats right, even better than the original bioshock. that good. Ken levine took his time with this one, but it all paid off in the end.

Graphics: This game is gorgeous like its predecessors. The environments are detailed and beautiful and columbia's beauty makes it the main character itself. The animations are varied and the blood effects are fantastic. The enemies are no short of creative masterpieces either, with designs such as the motorized patriot, fireman, handyman and siren. 10

Sound: the music and sound design is phenomenal like its predessecessor. the music perfectly portrays the period and with elizabeth's tears, you can hear songs that were not meant for that period. 10

Gameplay: Irrational perfected the use of superpowers this time around, with many options regarding the vigors you pick up along the way. the shooting mechanics are flawless and the all new skyhook provides both brutal melee attacks and a new way of transportation. 10

Story: This story is the best story in a game to be found on the ps3. Elizabeth, Booker, Comstock, Fink, Songbird, the Luteces and the whole Vox Populi are the most fleshed out characters in the whole bioshock universe and there are oppportunities for even deeper development are available in the form of voxophones, this game's form of diaries. the story is nothing short of an emotional spectacle also, without spoiling too much. and the ending is the best ending ever in any game ive played. 10

This game is all-around perfect. I can not stress this enough, if you liked the first game, you will love bioshock infinite. this game simply defines this generation and is one of the best games ive ever played. its a must-buy, and i cant wait for the sequel.

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