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Not What I was Expecting from BIOSHOCK Series!

posted by PSGregg (NEWMANSTOWN, PA) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

I always enjoy new powers and I liked that you could use "vigor combinations" but in all the game didn't hold the wonder that the first two did. I did like the sky rails and I also liked having Elizabeth to open "tears" and pick locks, but when it was all said and done, I scratched my head and thought to myself, what the heck just happened. I didn't understand the ending at all. Although I enjoyed the game, I was expecting a lot more from the Bioshock series. I was in awe of the city underwater, but the city in the sky "Columbia" in this game had a lot to be desired, for me it just didn't have that same mystical wonder that the worlds in the first two games held. Definitely worth a rent, I wouldn't buy it though.

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how long does it take for the game to get here

posted by jamorrow3 (HARTFORD, CT) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

how long

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Welcome to Columbia

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Apr 16, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

If you put "infinite" in your game title, you must be going for broke. And Irrational comes back to the great Bioshock series doing just that. While it plays differently then the first two games, it delivers a well-crafted story and a beautiful world to discover.
Infinite trades in the drowned dystopia of Rapture for the floating dystopia of Columbia, a theocratic ultra-patriotic indoctrinated society ruled by the delusional Father Comstock. You play Booker DeWitt, tasked with rescuing Elizabeth to repay a debt... well, sort of, but no spoilers here.
As soon as you land in Columbia, you will sit in astonishment at the sight of this gorgeous landscape. Irrational has a knack for atmosphere and Infinite has that every step of the way. Whether it's the hawkers talking up vigors (the new plasmids) or looking at black and white footage through a kinetoscope, Infinite's sci-fi take on 1912 is a joy to behold. Then the story kicks in and your ready for the ride. Few games make you want to stop and pause to see something it feels you've stumbled upon, but it's all made to help move the story along.
You'll access a bunch of powers and guns throughout the game, but the big addition this time is the skyhook, letting you whip around rails and adding some kick to your melee attacks. Scavenging supplies and upgrading equipment is still in the series, but the ability to hold only two weapons at any one time was a sticking point for me.
Toward the end of the game, the oddities of the world start to make sense and lead to some really good reveals that are few and far-between in games now. Bioshock Infinite succeeds by having character, atmosphere and gameplay that keeps players engaged from start to end. And if you start playing again, suddenly the whole thing takes on a new context you didn't see before. Although many shooter standards apply, it's worth your time for the experience alone.

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