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Rent, don't buy: not as good as first or second

posted by neuronet (DURHAM, NC) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Nov 2008

Very different from Bioshock 1/2. Not as good. Don't get me wrong, it is still a decent enough FPS game with some interesting decision aspects. More run of the mill than amazing. Bioshock 1 was amazing. BS2 was really good. BS Infinite: it's a good game.

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Excellent 3rd act for franchise "Single player"

posted by Xetelian (STANWOOD, WA) Jun 8, 2013

Member since May 2012

Well played Irrational games, well played.

Not a fan of shooters on consoles but I'd played the first 2 on PC and decided to give this version a shot. Excluded are any DLC, Multiplayer or other things that may or may not be available.


Story is interesting enough to pull you along, why would I stop? I need to know more about this! Driving you into encounters and plot scenes that are a completely new degree of twisted.

The mechanics work, the music is fitting and the entire game plays through to the end doable seemingly easily unless you limited yourself greatly in 1999 mode which is worth a few levels to see certain scenes again and rethinking them is part of the fun.

The talents on gear slots is an amazing factor in building your character.
The vigors you use the most often can be made stronger and no need to worry about the others.
The Infusions is a brilliant twist to leveling

(spoiler) Blue> Yellow> Red (/spoiler)

The weapons and how you can focus on one setup and still pick up a stray when out of ammo and carry without much damage falloff is perfect.

(Spoiler) Two guns, focus Repeater or Machine gun and back that up with a Shotgun. One is for spraying distant targets the other for the ones that sneak up on yah! (End Spoiler)

Combos with Vigors are fun and deadly!

What more can I say, oh yeah, save 3-5 lockpicks at all times, chests grant unkown money and rooms have lock picks in them often and gear and infusions so you can skip a few chest and explore EVERYTHING.

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really great game

posted by zlariviere20 (WOONSOCKET, RI) Jun 8, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

this is the bets one by far and i seen soemone complaining tht they coudlnt start off with what they eft off with in the last one that would be becuase in the last you you were a big daddy in a whole different underwater world and there jus mad cuz they cant start the game off dominating also the system that which controls your powers is much different and i like it better i gave it a ten but id say the least this game deserves is an 8 because out of alot of other newer games this is one in a few that have cuaght my atention also the disc i got came with a free bioshock game download, the first one

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