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Wait, what?

posted by tsulli2005 (FRANKLIN, TN) Jul 3, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

This game is fantastic. Its story is very compelling yet may be hard to follow for some so pay attention to details. The gameplay is fun if you allow yourself to experiment with all the vigors offered. If you don't it can get pretty stale. The story is the bread and butter in this game not at all letting the series down.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, but a first person shooter, Not action/adven

posted by JesterCGI (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jul 2, 2013

Member since Apr 2004

Overall a pretty good game. Usually first person shooters make me a little nauseous, but this one didn't seem to have that effect on me. The characters are well developed and the story is actually intriguing. If it were longer, I'd have given it a 10.

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posted by Germaximus (GLENDALE, CA) Jun 29, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

The game is awesome but... With how much hype there is over the game I was definitely expecting more and I think that kind of ruined my overall experience. I was expecting the game to be amazing throughout its entirety, but instead it was pretty generic. Kill bad guys over and over with awesome extreme violence.

Much like Halo, by the time I played it I couldn't believe people were acting like it was the best game ever. It always makes me sad because it really does have an affect on how you experience a game. Expecting it to be as amazing as everyone says it is, then finding out the only thing that sets it apart from other games like it is the scenery. Please, stop this over-hyping madness!

I wouldn't have cared about the game if it wasn't for Elizabeth. I probably would have been even more bored if she wasn't at my side adding in her thoughts on what was happening, and her self discovery as you learn her story. Not that the game isn't super cool or anything, I just didn't have anything to care about for a very long time besides Elizabeth. Most of the game was just killing bad guys. Why this matters to me is because the grander scheme had a really great story, it just wasn't told. You have the basic idea but you never know anything until the end of the game.

I'll tell you this though. If I was a rich gamer, I'd pay $60 just to have experienced the ending of this game. The finale was a decent duration (I believe at least an hour long) and it blew my mind. Mind you, I did not go reading spoilers and reviews for the game. I had read maybe tiny pieces on it, mostly just opinions, and seen some screenshots. I played this game with a completely fresh look that was only ruined by hype. I hope you can do the same. If anything was spoiled for you, you might be even more disappointed than I was.

The worst thing that stood out the most to me is that there is no New Game Plus. I mean seriously? Come on! Bastuds.

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