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Looks like a keeper.

posted by Nemy009 (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

After playing around 3 plus hours of the game on "hard" (recommended), I can tell you that this is definitely a Bioshock game. The sense of atmosphere Irrational Games established in the original Bioshock is definitely noticeable in Infinite. A sense of deranged wonderment can be felt when you first step foot in the sky city of Columbia from knowing that although everything initially looks cheery, with the sun soaked streets and the sounds of festivities emanating from off in the distance; considering this IS a Bioshock game, things will soon take a twisted turn for the worse.

Graphically, the game does a good job of getting its points across. The before mentioned ‘sun soaked streets’ of Columbia almost gives the game a water-painted look similar to what you may have seen in TLOZ: Skyward Sword. Character design is a mixture of cartoon and realism which can look somewhat creepy at times, but I suppose that is what the designers were going for.

The controls are pretty precise, although I did find myself raising the sensitivity a bit, but more seasoned FPS gamers typically have to do this in games since default often times feels a bit too sluggish. Gameplay-wise the firefights are more frantic than in previous Bioshocks, which should appeal to those that felt the first two games where a little bit too slow paced for their liking, and the “vigors” (basically “plasmids”) give that second and third option to how you dispatch you foes. The “skyrail” system, from what I have experienced of it, adds a vertical dynamic to firefights, which will give fast twitch gamers an opportunity to really make use of their reflexes.

The sound at times seemed a bit muffled to me, especially during the ride up to Columbia. However, the first encounter with “Song Bird” was particularly bombastic and drove home the point that he is definitely a menace of epic proportions.

Anyway, so far so good. Hopefully it all holds together throughout ‘til the end.

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GF Rating


Weirdly Fantastic

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Jul 2006

I have to say this game isone of the oddest yet addicting games that i have played in a long long time. I played it 3 hours as soon as i got it. It's got some pretty weird stuff in it, but that's that makes it awesome.
Taking a rocket to a city in the clouds....... really cool. The gameplay is pretty decent, i wish it would have been 3rd person, but still not back for a FPS. I saw a few glitches, but that was quicky overlooked with the ability to cut people's heads off and rip there stomach open. I love the gore and yet simple innosence of life back in 1912. It's a wonderful mix of ol time atmosphere with gore and blood that will keep me smiling as long as i have this game.
If you want a game out of he norm...... this is your game. Definetly worth a rent for sure.

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GF Rating


Great game with an engaging story.

posted by jinsing129 (FISK, MO) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

Bioshock Infinite pulls no punches while crafting a deep and intricated battle system, laced with nuances that are easy to pick up, but difficult to master.
This game features a robust weapon and power upgrade mechanic, that allows you to customize your version of Booker Dewitt as you see fit.
The visuals are top-notch, and i found my self wandering about taking in the scenery.
The story can be a bit confusing, but if you stick with it to the end, it pays off in a big way.
I would recommend this game for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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