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posted by iriszhou (DAVIS, CA) Apr 8, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

The plot and narrative was absolutely amazing. It definitely lives up to its name - perhaps the best of the Bioshock series!

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Big Fan Of The Series

posted by Janderis (PASCOAG, RI) Apr 7, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

I Love This Game. The first two were and forever will be in my top ten game list and Bioshock: Infinite is now number one moving Borderlands to second place. The story was the best storyline of any game I have played. The ending would of blown M. Night Shamaylan's mind.
The pros to this game its great graphics including the lighting and special effects. The fighting is great; not a fan of the pistol and SMG. I pretty much beat the game with the Volley Gun in tow. The Vigor's are all good I miss the telekinesis from the previous two. But Possession and Return To Sender are fackin' awesome. The only cons would be lack of side missions, semi-short campaign and Elizabeth's heels constant clicking. What is good t is the game left you want more and more which is why in with in two days of getting it I beat it on hard and 1999 mode and have all achievements.
All in all this game is what future games need to be modeled off of in they want to win 85 awards and possibly shooter and/ or game of the year.

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Bioshock story telling at its best

posted by Jtsmith87 (DOUGLASSVILLE, PA) Apr 7, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

If you enjoyed the first two Bioshocks then you will feel right at home. There's an impossible city, a corrupt ruler, a one man army soldier, and plasmids reincarnated as vigor's. That being said they have revamped the internal mechanics to avoid being a simple rehash with a new setting.

If you didn't like Bioshock before you probably won't like it now. This isn't Call of Duty so those expecting that type of game play will be disappointed. The combination of vigors and gunplay provide a deep combat experience and the different enemy types provides a deep variety to skirmishes. Another innovation added are skylines. These roller coaster tracks are added to some locations and allow for innovative and surprisingly useful ways to out maneuver your opponents.

Another large addition to the gameplay is not in the weapons or the enemies, but in the teammate that is with you for most of the game. Elizabeth reacts dynamically to your current actions. If you are searching under every rock to find money she will toss a few bucks your way. If you're in the middle of combat and run out of ammo for your current gun she will toss you some ammo. She also has the ability to open "tears" to assist you. These tears range from health, ammo, and objects that provide cover from gunfire to powerful guns and even friendly turrets. These tears can often be the difference between life and death. Elizabeth is with you almost the whole game yet avoids getting in your way.

Now to the story. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Bioshock delivers a truly impressive and deep story. While not giving to much away I can say that Irrational Games is the best developer out there when it comes to gripping story and unpredictable plots. Some of the aspects of the story tend to be a little technical in the physics department, however they make the concepts simple enough to understand without a Phd in quantum physics. Bottom line this game is defiantly worth a buy and at least two play through

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