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To Infinate & Beyond

posted by TruGamer30 (CHINO, CA) Apr 9, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

From sparkling underwater atmosphere of Bioshock 2 to the cloud hoping world on infinate, Bioshock never seems to disappoint. With a new arsenal of weapons and powers, this latest installment takes you to the skies.

Incredible gameplay to unbelievable graphics, Infinate is by far another great contender for game of the year. Despite the several moments of the storyline that seem a bit repetative that is just a minor fault that easily overlooked by the capablity of interacting with the environment.

overall - this is game a definate BUY and a great addition to anyone's collection.

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Bioshock, Good? or Amazing?

posted by Billybrr (CHAUVIN, LA) Apr 8, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I have actually never made a review EVER, I am 18 years old and I really love quantum mechanics and theories based on the Universe and how things have came to be, I am really interested in the Multiverse Theory and a few others. My point to this is, this game does an amazing job of adding a 60 - 70s feel, along with new technology and then adding in physics that just normal games won't take the chance getting into. This game is STUNNING! I did get ONE bug, I was stuck into a continuous cutscene but after hitting pause and clicking restart from checkpoint all was right again. This game is hands down the best game I have played in YEARS, I have played the CoD series since CoD 4 and I am a continuous player on multiplayer and after getting mad and tired of CoD Bo2 this game offered me PURE FUN! Pure excitement and pure epicness. It was an amazing game! I LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!

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The Best Game Of The Year

posted by TheSnowGator (OMAHA, NE) Apr 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

So far, Bioshock Infinite is the best game of the year. It trumps the original Bioshock.

The graphics are serviceable, and sometimes it may look outdated, but they are easily outdone by sensational artwork. You get the sense that you really are in an early 20th century city. The artwork goes hand-in-hand with the environment. Every level is expertly designed to the point where you will not feel redundancy. Each level feels fresh.

The combat is good, but not great. What makes the combat work are the trademark vigors that the Bioshock series is known for. The new vigors make the game extremely fun, and you can feel dominant with whatever combination of vigors you choose to use. Like I said, the combat is good, but the gamplay also takes advantage of the vigors. A downside are the few times when I was in big firefights and the frames-per-second would drop.

The first thing that I noticed about this game was the artwork. The music is sensational as well, and you will be in awe for the first 20-30 minutes. But what really makes this game a must-play is the story. I will not give any spoilers, but I HIGHLY recommend playing this game because of the artwork and story alone.

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