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Fun game, great depth

posted by StormShadow826 (TUCSON, AZ) Apr 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This is definitely a great game. From the start of the game you are slowly absorbed into a dark and twisted world. What makes it great is that the bright and cheery atmosphere adds to this dark world. The RPG elements of upgrading and abilities make for unique combat experiences. Combined with fast paced action with some calm moments in the storm make for an edge of your seat game that if you collected everything could last over fifteen hours. There were few downsides to the game, one of which was the default controls which felt a bit odd, and the other being minor glitches like the quest arrow leading you in the wrong direction. I think the decision to leave out a multiplayer element may have been good for the single player but results in a game that has little replay value since it is a straight forward kind of story. So, in short the title is a must play but only buy after you have played first and know what you are buying.

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GF Rating


Amazingly Fun

posted by Hierarchy (NAPLES, FL) Apr 11, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Lives up to the atmospheric tension and play style of the BioShock Series, and doesn't let you down when it comes to the great plot-twists we have come to love and expect from the BioShock Series

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by BIOFAN (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Apr 11, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Simply its bioshock that changed the environment your in but possible explanations using tears as to why a few things existed(vigors) or even how possibly rapture came to be. I think of Dewitt telling his grandson(ryan) ... visions of a city away from it all.

From 2 to infinite.....

pros: Dont have to hack every dang machine I see to save a couple bucks..... big daddies are fun, but even that after time became a, oh ya gotta take them down again thing, well on constant replays it adds up..... In bio 1 and 2 I can carry all these weapons yet my wallet can't hold more than 500, thanks for fixing that... play through, although i wish was longer it is an easy one to restart again right away and jam through it again.. try some different combos but even that is limited..gear effect can add up and some very cool

cons: Miss the creepiness, splicers crawling around and never quite knowing where they will drop ... Big daddies/big sisters(somthn close) ... ya maybe not have to clear 3 every area but a few here and there to either attack or even avoid for fun would be nice.... combat system, I dont mind stuck with two weapons since always something around to exchange with, first play i used shotgun/carbine 90% with sniper when needed... though second play through mixing up vigors and added volleygun found it even easier, I miss readying up an area with traps, mines and such for more unique killing styles... gear, seemed random but one play through never found the piece I wanted and 3 times in a row during same play through found exact same piece, need to get rid of duplicates dropping....mobs to much the same thing, just more here and there

All in all a great purchase.... story was to me ingenious, future leaves room for imagination if add in how rapture fits in.... now combine infinte and bio 2 with maybe land/sea/air... or go future to a space station!! And that would be sweet.... I look forward to replaying again and for the next BIOSHOCK in line..... thanks

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