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Very Ambitious

posted by jay1318 (NILES, IL) Apr 18, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

This is kinda a tough one. Here's the thing... Bioshock is definitely a top notch game. No doubt up there with some of the best games in terms of production, art direction, story, etc. But, is it fun and does it all work? To varying degrees yes and to many degrees no.

In the first BioShock game the player got to explore the underwater city of Rapture. The graphics were excellent at the time (still hold up in 2013) and the story was fun. I believe the combat was weak and all the virogs, adam, eve, Gatherer's Gardens, etc, were kinda annoying. It was too much and a lot of it unnecessary. The game mechanic worked for many and allowed the player to play using a variety of approaches, but boy oh boy it could have been more satisfying if the combat mechanic was better.

The very same can be said about BioShock Infinite. Plasmids are replaced with salts, there's no adam or eve, but still too much "junk" going on. It's difficult to know exactly which weapons you have and what their upgrades are - and for the most part, you won't care. Just give me a damned gun! The upgrades for the weapons are ridiculously "expensive", but lots of "money" can be found laying around if you search every box, crate, desk, cabinet, etc. In fact, the game could be retitled "Search Desk Infinite" because that's what you'll spend most of your time doing. This seriously adds hours to the game play and not in a great way.

The art direction of all 3 Bioshock games is extraordinary and that's very evident here. The amount of attention that was made to create this whimsical world above the clouds is nothing short of exceptional. That said, the Unreal engine is really showing it's age and with the rather bright color palette used, and the age of the consoles, much of it came across and muddled and very low resolution textures. If I were showing someone Half-Life (the original from 1998) on a PC and this game on an XBox, you wouldn't know which was the more advanced game, technologically speaking

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GF Rating

Very Good

Refreshing First Person Shooter (Very Liberal)

posted by 86replay (DELTA, UT) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

This is the first Bioshock I have played. It is First Person, no alt views, shooter. It has the golden path like Fable 3. Its unique in 3 ways:

1. No inventory-You will have a weapons layout like Assassin's Creed, with the ability to hold 2 guns at a time and learn 8 abilities. You will pickup "salt" for magic to fuel abilities and Food for health. The catch is, there is rotten food and other things that are bad for your health. Also, you can't pick and choose. If you loot a guy with cigarettes and salt, you will loose health but gain salt or magic.

2. Companion: Your companion takes care of you and her. If your out of something in a battle, she will find some and toss it to you.

3. The 'Rail' System: You will use a magnetic hook to leap from Point to point, as a melee weapon, (very gruesome), and to ride suspended rails. (which you slide along and shoot from)

I enjoyed this game but didn't have time to finish it. The art and music are awesome and the point system is like Fall out: new Vegas. Refreshing First Person Shooter. The South Won i think and they Idolize President Lincoln's assassin: Booth.

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Bioshock infinite

posted by mclovin1000 (SPARKILL, NY) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

as a fan of the entire series it felt refreshing to play this through. the games story does have similarities to bioshock 2 but just like a good magic trick a great story cant be told well unless it is delivered to the audience in a clever way like this game managed to do and will do in the many repeat playthroughs.

pc play is definitely worth it to get the graphics to look as good as they can.

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