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From the Sodom Below Will Rise Perfection

posted by Fobmuska (TUSTIN, CA) Mar 27, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

6 out of 13 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is not just a "Game."

This is a noble prize worthy accomplishment. Lets forget about the game play, the guns, the vigors and powers, the graphics, etc.

Let's talk about a powerful message that this game brings to our generation. Bioshock Infinite Graces humanity with such an artistic masterpiece that only comes along once in a lifetime.

Everything from how the city of Columbia came to be, How defining each character is, how the game reflects on humanities shortcomings and prejudices.

Drop whatever game you are playing, and put some time aside for Bioshock Infinite. It will literally change how you see the world.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Beautiful, but superficial

posted by GeneralGumdrop (VERONA, WI) Jul 27, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

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Im very conflicted with this game. I beat it in two days (its a decent length though) and after I finished it I was speechless. This sense of awe was exaggerated from a crazy critical buzz and the intense anticipation I had for this game. But this feeling faded a few days later and I was left with something strangely unsatisfying. I got caught up in the praise for this game that I barely dissected this game's narrative which is arguably its main focus. Looking back I have to say that Bioshock Infinite's story is mediocre. Its hard to explain this without spoiling anything so I'll just say that the game is fairly shallow despite its appearance of being this deep, weaving story of racism and nationalism and social rankings. It has a lot of touchy subjects that it mentions, but does nothing else. There is a couple arrested for being opposite races, but nothing else is really mentioned about them. Then theres these strange opposite-historical museums that seem to be there to simply make the world more interesting, but many are proclaiming that this is a grand statement about war and whatever. Its just, like I said, very superficial. This game wants to be a tender meditation on something, but ends up being about very little at all. Then theres the ending which is extremely shoehorned in and feels just fake because it doesn't jive with what happened earlier. It was added so that it could have a "twist" at the end so we'll buy it, but its simply not well crafted. But its a game and theres gameplay which is sadly also disappointing. There is way way way too many enemies in this game. Every corner you turn theres wave after wave of bad guys and its simply no longer fun after an hour let alone 14. The vigors are fine, but if you've played Bioshock then you know what they are. However, despite my criticisms, the game is absolutely breathtaking visually. The environments are immaculately designed. The art direction is perfect and so is the voice acting.

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Meh why not beat it?

posted by iPlayAnything (MONROEVILLE, PA) May 30, 2013

Member since May 2013

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The game was pretty short I beat it in about 3 days working 9-5, but the game over all is worth playing the story is pretty interesting.

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