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GF Rating


best game i have ever played

posted by skrilled (WEST HILLS, CA) Apr 20, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

this is by far the greatest game i've ever played in my life. the vivid detail that was put into every single thing minor or major. within the first half hour you are sucked in. there's just nothing that compares.

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Fun game, looks good.. but BS2 was better

posted by killakam (ROCKLIN, CA) Apr 20, 2013

Member since Sep 2007

So, this game honestly wasn't what i expected. There really arent any "scary" parts like in BS2 and the storyline is short, i was able to beat it in less than 10 hours on hard.
the graphics, textures and reflections are stunning and it looks great, except the constant flashing all the time gets annoying...inside all the lights flash and outside it does the same thing.
the guns are cool, but whats lame is you can only hold 2 weaps or powers at a time...
also i found multiple bugs where i either got stuck in a doorway and had to reload or items i cant pick up. these bugs will all be fixed in time so thats not a huge deal. i was more dissapointed in the poor storyline and how the entire game kinda feels the same.

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GF Rating


Better than the original? Quite possibly...

posted by DDarko420 (FALL RIVER, MA) Apr 20, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Let me preface this review with my one, main point...if you're looking for a game with an intelligent & complex story, excellent, varied combat & a sense of freedom that few other games can offer you, look no further than Bioshock Infinite. Like the previous 2 in this series, you are offered a multitude of paths, weapons & abilities to complete your missions & dispatch your foes in stylish, gruesome and exciting ways that will be different for everyone who plays the game. If you've played Dishonored (a FANTASTIC game btw) you'll know what I mean by freedom of choice, though Dishonored was a bit more liberal with the incredible amount of play-it-your-way features it offered. This installment in the series is my favorite, and has BY FAR the best companion/escort character in any game PERIOD. Elizabeth is smart, witty, never gets in your way, and offers you things like ammo, money and salts (which power your "vigors" aka plasmids lol) whenever you are running low, and your relationship w/ her is moving & dramatic. The story, art design, combat (Skylines!) & voice-acting are all top-notch. No spoilers, but let me say, the last hour or so will BLOW YOUR thought the twist in the acclaimed predecessor was intense, wait 'til the end of Infinite. It's a ride I'll be taking again soon. I hope you all go along for the great adventures of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. It's a well-rounded, exciting, fast-paced & downright fun FPS w/ a lot of adventure & role-playing elements mixed in to great effect. The vigors are better than the plasmids from the previous 2 games, as is the weaponry and upgrade system. My girlfriend actually chose to watch me play Infinite for 4hrs over watching one of her favorite TV shows. I didn't mention the plot at all because I don't want to give anything away. The only reason I didn't give Infinite a 10 is because I would've liked a map, though the objective arrow is fine for missions & I thought it was a bit short. Otherwise, FANTASTIC game!

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