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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun, lots of options, but.....

posted by Edifice (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) May 1, 2013

Member since Oct 2007

This game has lots of creativity and variety but sometimes is too overwhelming. For example, you are only able to hold 2 guns at a time when there are tons of guns that I wanted to use at different times. Also, you are able to only set 2 different powers on your shortcut hot key (Left Bumper). The developers should allow you to determine how many different powers you can set on the hot key.

Other than that, the game is very fun and gets better toward the end. I'm sure it's fun multiplayer but I only played it single player. Enjoy it!

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GF Rating


Best FPS yet!!

posted by Ironspark2491 (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Apr 30, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

First off i would like to say that any review you see that talks trash about this game, has no sense in playing awesome games. Second of all this game ROCKS!!!! everything in this game is just overall fun. The Story has to be the best part of this game. It keeps you playing till the end. Combat is fun too. It may be the same old FPS combat, but for Bioshock it's really neat. Awesome voice actors too. Also really great graphics. I would recommend this to FPS pros and everyone else. 10 for me!!!

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GF Rating


boring, redundant, cartoonish - oh yeah, BioShock

posted by Feral_Prodigy (VIENNA, VA) Apr 28, 2013

Member since May 2011

I was a fan of the original BioShock's creative design, path, and unique take on the first-person shooter, as well as its RPG elements. That being said, I still wasn't too fond of the actual game. But this isn't about the first or second (which I never played) BioShock, it's about a whole other story altogether, one riddled with hackneyed characters, ploys, cartoonish albeit fairly impressive graphics (at times), repetitiveness, and downright awful gunplay. What is this, the late nineties? Also, I'm a huge fan of in-depth storytelling in video games, especially shooters, but to an extent. BioShock Infinite was downright monotonous to this point; and the religious emphasis was overbearing. It took what must've been nearly 15min before I could fire a weapon in the game, and that was just the beginning - there were other moments of walking/running but no action going on for several minutes in many parts of the game. Glad I rented this. If you want great graphics and storytelling, as well as an intrguing and original plot, take on the underrated Singularity, Gears of War 1 & 2, or SOMETHING ELSE. This felt like I was playing a Disney shooter with interesting ideas but horrible following-through.

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