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About the return

posted by hdog5656 (RENO, NV) Jun 5, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I have put in the mail and it has been sent out but it says that I haven't returned it.

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Great Game but Definatly Rent it.

posted by DrewdabossXL (MOUNT VERNON, NY) Jun 5, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

This game is Definitely one to remember.The Story start out hard to follow (at least for me) but Gradually becomes very engaging.I would have to say this game had one of the best stories I have followed in a while with an amazing twist ending.The gameplay is fun.I had to change the control layout to marksman because the default felt awkward to aim with.Maybe Because I never really played any of the predecessors.Utilizing the the Vigors and The guns in sequence made combat fun and interesting along with Elizabeth helping by providing ammo,salts and money while also opening tears.She adds variety to the combat and interesting conversation to the free roam.She is never a problem.You don't have to keep her alive or anything.She is probably the most helpful AI I ever had in a game and I more enjoyed her then anything else.I also love the setting of the game,The city in the sky,how the worship founding fathers even the sky hook was just amazing.My only complaint with the game was it seems really short.I beat it in about 2-3 sitting and I probably got through more than half the game in day 1 .I am a casual gamer so I was probably playing no more then 3 or 4 hours per sitting and I didn't play every day.Which is why I wouldn't purchase this game ,Unless you planning getting the DLC i suppose.This game is perfect to rent.

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Strong Addition to the series

posted by DangerBabe (PENDLETON, IN) Jun 5, 2013

Member since Jul 2009

As a standalone Bioshock game, this was a very good game and really required no previous knowledge of the series. That's a great thing, and smart of them to do.

As a series member, it was still a great game, but just not up to the expectations the previous two games set. I am particularly disappointed in the ending (which I won't elaborate on). It just felt like another team ran out of time or creative juice and had to throw something together. Nowhere near as awful and ending as Mass Effect 3, but that thoughtless piece of junk of an ending is hard make any worse.

Gameplay in Infinite was quite good, even if repetitive. The ambiance is where it really shines. Surrounding environment, vigors, vigor demos and just supporting storyline (which itself was pretty thin) were incredible. It made it worthwhile to investigate -everything- you could see and lay your hands on. I did enojy the game, but can't give it a better score because no matter how good of a standalone game it is, it says Bioshock in the has standards it just didn't meet.

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