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GF Rating


I don't get it

posted by whiskeytown (GAINESVILLE, FL) May 17, 2013

Member since May 2013

4 out of 10 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I don't understand why this game gets good reviews.

The game begins with you entering a trans-dimensional quantum time machine (I like) that teleports you to an annoyingly strange, retro-futuristic steam punk universe. First of all, I don't understand the nerd obsession with this science fiction genre. Zeppelins, steam-engines, clockwork, old robots, hydraulics, floating cities. I just don't understand the appeal.

Second, Bioshock is lacking in basic role-playing elements that need to be in place to make this game fun. Primarily, there is no interaction with npcs. You can walk around and look at the beautiful steam punk universe but you can barely talk or interact with anyone/anything. There should be quests and multiple objectives. This game should feel more socially realistic. It just seems like you have to follow the objective arrow through the pretty 3d world in a linear path until you get to the next objective, which then loads a combat sequence.

The combat is where the game really lost me. After attempting to hit the black guy in the dunk booth with an apple at the fair (an interesting racial dynamic for a video game), the game immediately takes you into the first combat sequence of the game. I found the combat system to be janky, awkward, annoying, pointless, and predictable. You find yourself fighting your way through predictable enemies who drop health items or salts (for magic), that you must pick up to stay alive and fight on. It felt like that the combat sequences are good for only one thing: boring filler to give you something to do inbetween the storied/interactive scenes. It doesn't feel like a first person shooter should feel. This game's physics engine is dated and the combat sucks.

Ultimately, I quit after an hour. This game should have focused more on role-playing elements and story telling and less on it's awkward 3d shooter combat that left me feeling annoyed and bored.

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GF Rating


Man what a Game

posted by walesca (CANTON, MA) Mar 26, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

4 out of 10 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

Hands down one of the most gorgeous graphics I ever seen , the story fits well into the game I'm loving it , sadly no multiplayer :c but the story is long enough to keep you busy . At first I thought this game wasn't going to be a big deal but I saw more of the gameplays and let me tell you something , the wait was really worth it , if your a Bioshock fan or just started even with the series , try it out , NO better yet , Buy it because this is the Best 2013 game to be released so far trust me .

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GF Rating

Very Good

A little Disapointed

posted by giggzy (KENNESAW, GA) Mar 28, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

5 out of 13 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

I was a little disappointed with this game for multiple reason. The big reason is because it doesn't feel like bio shock. it doesn't feel like the creepy under water city of rapture. And i think that if you gave someone this game and they never saw the name never herd about it but played bioshock 1 and 2, i bet they would never guess it was even a bioshock game. I still think its an excellent game, but its not bioshock. I think it will have been better off if they just changed the name entirely. I know it would require some tweaks because some parts of this game have rapture and use the lighthouse to explain the ending but that's not much tweaking.

Some of the more minor errors would be if you play this game for hours at a time it just gets boring. I didn't see many glitches, but the one I did see defiantly annoyed me. It was a scene where you needed Elizabeth to continue but she was stuck in a wall so i kept calling her and calling her but she never came i eventually just reset the console it set me back a ways but it worked. Overall I loved this game its a very good game and worth the money. but with those errors in MY opinion it didn't deserve a 10

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