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No Doubt One of the Best Games of the Year

posted by marksmanjake (TAVERNIER, FL) Jun 3, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I don't want to sound like another fan boy saying this is the best game ever. But I want to genuinely tell you that this is a game that you have to experience. The world, the characters, the gameplay, the visuals, the story, everything comes together beautifully to create a videogame masterpiece.
I had been anticipating this game for a while because I saw something special in it, something that set it apart from all of the Call of Duty's and Halo's. This game has a true personality.
The visuals are breathtaking, the first time the city of Columbia is revealed to you is unforgettable. Bioshock has had a reputation of making the environment part of the characters and story in the game, and it's no different here. It's vibrant, it's bright, it's alive, and it portrays a rendition of a perfect American society that never existed.
The characters are extremely fascinating. Booker is a hard-nosed Pinkerton agent sent to rescue Elizabeth from Columbia. Elizabeth is one of the most captivating and awe-inspiring characters in a videogame I've ever seen. You feel for both of these characters as they try to survive and escape while everything is working against them.
The combat is superb. The guns are awesome, the vigors are sweet, the sky-line is a ton of fun, and Elizabeth is a huge help during combat. She'll throw you ammo and health and she can open up tears in universes through her special powers.
The story is very well done and very immersive. You just want to lay back and take in the atmosphere around you. Infinite has probably one of the best endings I've ever played in a game as it stuck in my mind after a couple of days. It may be confusing but if you really pay attention, you will understand.
Some gripes I had about the game are that it's a little too short and there were some things left out that were shown in the awesome trailers.
Infinite is an engaging and captivating experience. It's so unique because it can only be expressed in a videogame. It is a must

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posted by MrNutJob (VENICE, CA) Jul 4, 2013

Member since May 2013

3 out of 8 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

I was rather "Shocked" at how Boring this 3rd installment of the Noted Bioshock Franchise was... an 8.9?


The Graphics are the first thing wrong with the game, everything is HUGE, this is 2005 Graphics in a 2013 World, coins look like pizza pies and the whole landscape is not rendered reverentially like in 'Rapture' the underwater city that was so amazing and beautiful in the 1st two Bioshock games... instead this 'City In The Clouds' created by an Angry Prophet (Comstock) is hazy and really rather hard to see.

The story is Pedestrian at best about a pretty blue eyed girl (Elizabeth) being held captive and her Hero (Dewitt) who needs to save her... She looks like she's just stepped out of Disney or Pixar. She doesn't do much other than get in the way, she is a 'Suckers' dream come true. There is confusion galore in the 'Plot' if you can call it that, the Prophet often spouts his gibberish but he never actually becomes a threat...

On and on it goes... it's not a hard game to finish at all but in the end this Bioshock is a real mess!

I give it a 3 in Hopes of lowering that erroneous 8.9 that you all put up there. I pride myself on Trusting my fellow Gamefliers but here you've all gone terribly wrong!

5.6 is the best this Bioshock should receive.

I believe that the content of the game, story and otherwise has a calming if innocuous effect upon young and old 'minds' that are easily fooled by a harmony that just doesn't add up... let's not fall so easily and be a bit more Critical even though we are being 'pandered' to intellectually!

Live and Learn!

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I don't get it

posted by whiskeytown (GAINESVILLE, FL) May 17, 2013

Member since May 2013

4 out of 11 gamers (36%) found this review helpful

I don't understand why this game gets good reviews.

The game begins with you entering a trans-dimensional quantum time machine (I like) that teleports you to an annoyingly strange, retro-futuristic steam punk universe. First of all, I don't understand the nerd obsession with this science fiction genre. Zeppelins, steam-engines, clockwork, old robots, hydraulics, floating cities. I just don't understand the appeal.

Second, Bioshock is lacking in basic role-playing elements that need to be in place to make this game fun. Primarily, there is no interaction with npcs. You can walk around and look at the beautiful steam punk universe but you can barely talk or interact with anyone/anything. There should be quests and multiple objectives. This game should feel more socially realistic. It just seems like you have to follow the objective arrow through the pretty 3d world in a linear path until you get to the next objective, which then loads a combat sequence.

The combat is where the game really lost me. After attempting to hit the black guy in the dunk booth with an apple at the fair (an interesting racial dynamic for a video game), the game immediately takes you into the first combat sequence of the game. I found the combat system to be janky, awkward, annoying, pointless, and predictable. You find yourself fighting your way through predictable enemies who drop health items or salts (for magic), that you must pick up to stay alive and fight on. It felt like that the combat sequences are good for only one thing: boring filler to give you something to do inbetween the storied/interactive scenes. It doesn't feel like a first person shooter should feel. This game's physics engine is dated and the combat sucks.

Ultimately, I quit after an hour. This game should have focused more on role-playing elements and story telling and less on it's awkward 3d shooter combat that left me feeling annoyed and bored.

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