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100% awesome

posted by explicit1 (LARGO, FL) Mar 2, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Story is great , gameplay is awesome , multiplayer is relentless. When you reach level 40 , you are pretty much indestructible , feel sorry for the newbies . Bioshock 2 is well worth buying , great game

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really fun

posted by tru2dagame (SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MI) Feb 10, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

8 out of 17 gamers (47%) found this review helpful

if you have not played the first one dont play this one lol, it is harder story line and graphic are great.... it is harder than the first folks
now as multi goes fun fun fun i play alot of call of duty and its a nice change

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Excellent sequel falls just short of original

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Dec 8, 2011

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"Bioshock 2" takes us back to the city of Rapture, eight years after the original game introduced us to this Utopia under the sea gone very wrong. The game starts off interestingly enough, with the player being shot, only to be resurrected as one of the original Big Daddies, Subject Delta. No longer is Andrew Ryan in charge. Rapture now rests in the hands of Sofia Lamb, who is pretty much the "anti-Ryan". Your tasked with finding and rescuing a very special Little Sister, and so begins another journey in this fantastically realized world. The gameplay hasn't changed much from the original, with one exception: You can now wield a plasmid with one hand, and another weapon in the other, making for some nice combo attacks. As a Big Daddy, you have a drill at your disposal, as well as a rivet gun, heavy machine gun, and a shotgun. All weapons can be upgraded as before, and they have 3 different types of ammo. The familiar plasmids return, enabling you to electrocute, incinerate, freeze, or telekinetically fling items at your enemies. The Splicers make their return, as do Big Daddies, along with a formidable addition: Big Sisters. Again there is plenty of exploration to do, as well as combat, and the controls work smoothly. The framerate does drop on occasion, but nothing too bad that it ruins the game. The creepy atmosphere is still there, but the game isn't as unnerving as the first. It's still compelling, but the familiarity does take some of the edge off. You can still spend about 12-15 hours in Rapture in single player, and if you wish, you can continue with multiplayer modes. All in all, if you're a fan of the first game, this sequel is a must play, if not a buy. At the very least, this next chapter might hold you over until "Bioshock Infinite" hits next year. Enjoy!

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