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BioShock 2


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Gameplay Controls

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BioShock 2
Directional Pad
Up/Down/Left = Change Ammo. Right = Use First Aid Kit.
Left Thumbstick
Right Thumbstick
Move Camera
Click Left Thumbstick
Click Right Thumbstick
Aim with Iron Sights
A Button
Interact. Activate.
B Button
Melee Attack. Gunbutt. Use First Aid Kit.
X Button
Reload. Find ADAM Corpse with Little Sister (Hold). Inject EVE Hypo. Change Loadout Before Respawn (Multiplayer).
Y Button
Left Bumper
Cycle Plasmids. Activate Plasmid Radial Menu (Hold). Stomp (Multiplayer, Big Daddy Suit).
Right Bumper
Cycle Weapons. Activate Weapon Radial Menu (Hold).
Left Trigger
Use Plasmid. Throw Proximity Mine (Multiplayer, Big Daddy Suit).
Start Button
Pause Menu
Right Trigger
Fire Weapon. Use Drill.
Back Button
Info Menus. Help (Hold). Scoreboard (Multiplayer).
Drill Dash