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Binary Domain


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posted by uninfluenced (FAIRPORT HARBOR, OH) Jul 20, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

This is one of those games that slipped under the radar.The campaign is 7-12 hrs on normal and it took me 11 hours running through it on hard.Its got a pretty good story that keeps you engaged enough to finish the campaign,but during the combat the a.i never shuts up and says random stupid phrase's but it is tolerable.binary domain has surprisingly good graphics and seem less transitions from game play to cut scenes. game play is a very similar to gears of war and just as fluid.voice acting is average but voices never seem to keep up with the characters lips.The multiplayer is just not that appealing,binary domain should have went with co op instead like a horde mode.Achievements are hard to 1k cause of the multiplayer cause you have to reach level 50 and complete challenges.Overall this game is well worth playing ,worth like $25-$30 or just rent it

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GF Rating

Very Good

Underrated game!!

posted by Sincitysouljah (HENDERSON, NV) Jul 18, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

Binary domain was an awesome game at first i thought it would be ok third person shooter but as i played it became an amazing game. first of all the game play is solid and the cover system and button layout make total sense and are really smooth. Second the story is great it has interesting characters and it really draws you in.There is also a few rpg upgrading and cool character buffs for each character.The psyics are also top notch when you shoot a robot in the leg that leg falls off in the head it falls off etc.. all in all great game rent it for sure you wont be let down there are plenty of great action moments scattered about the game and evenly spaced. -SincitySouljah

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great experience

posted by iStayFrosT (EASLEY, SC) Jul 11, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

At first i was skeptical about this game.


I felt it was well produced in other areas but lacking in some. However as I played, i was pleasantly surprised at each turn. The characters are delightful, give their over-the-top banter a chance to sink in. Don't take it too seriously.

As for the gameplay, its great but there were a few annoying things. Mainly the controls, i found the camera being a bit jacked at times and rolling/cover system problems. Nothing too major. One SERIOUSLY annoying thing in this game is, you increase or decrease affinity with the characters in this game, well if you damage your team mates in battle their affinity (of course) goes down, all well and dandy EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THEY ARE CONSTANTLY (!!!!!) WALKING INTO YOUR LINE OF FIRE and its not as if you even realize, you could be shooting at robots a mile away and all of the sudden your team is shooting from one side of the screen to the other, soaking up some of your bullets in the process.

Quite a bit of customization and weapons, cool (albeit predictable) enemies and multiple endings to play through, i give Binary Domain an 8/10. Cant wait to see where this series goes.

Great blend of Gears, Mass Effect and iRobot.

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