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Gears of War meets Lost Planet

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) May 18, 2012

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Binary Domain is a futuristic third person shooter that takes place in a time where humans have perfected robots and AI. Your main enemies are robots, or 'humans' that are actually cybernetic.

BD tried to utilize some unique gameplay concepts to differentiate itself from being another Gears of War clone. But those additions didn't add anything new to gameplay for me, making it just that...another lackluster 3PS.

It very much has the Japanese feel, like Vanquish or Lost Planet. And the stereotypes for every type of persona are overused to the point of exhaustion. For ex, they have the cocky American jock guy, the oversized meathead black guy, the smooth MI6 British guy, and the quiet cute little Asian girl.

You play the campaign as a team with your other allies (up to 4), each bringing something unique to the table, like sniping abilities, run n gunner, or explosives expert. You can change your team at certain points, and also upgrade their abilities and skills. I liked being able to customize and choose my team.

You can command your team with the d-pad to do certain actions, and with the voice active dialogue options (also using the headset if you want) you can speak instead of using the on screen commands. Based on your dialogue options, you can gain/lose partner trust, which can cause them to gain bonuses or stop listening to you.

But I found using the headset audio commands to be a nuisance and the dialogue options didn't add anything special for me. Those unique features fell totally flat, and I think the dev. was banking on those 2 things to separate itself from the pack.

BD is a fast paced action packed campaign that can take you 12 hours to complete. I hated the anti-American themes, and the multiplayer is horrendous; absolutely horrendous. It has potential but nobody plays and the game options are awful. BD is a great rental if you like 3PSs in general, but don't expect anything radical.

Milt Drucker

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Very Good

A Surprisingly Good and Underrated Game

posted by biggyDx (DOVER, DE) Mar 3, 2012

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Binary Domain is by no means a revolution to the genre, but it does a pretty good job of trying to perfect its gameplay in many different aspects.

As a third person shooter, the game puts you in the role of Dan as you fight through various areas of Japan with a group of soldiers from various nations. Your objective is to apprehend a programmer who has unethically developed human-like robots called "Hollow Children." Dialogue is pretty generic in most cases, but in a way its actually quite comical (in a good way). Even though you know the voice acting isnt all that great, you cant help but listen to the characters since they're pretty unique in their own rights.

You have a few weapon choices, with you and your squads weapons being upgradable along with equippable skills that either bolster your health or make you reload quicker. You can issue squad commands, which are a hit or miss sometimes, and performing well enough lets you build trust among your teammates. This trust factor doesnt become noticeable until later in the game where it affects the outcomes quite heavily. Enemies are relentless to say the least, and you can blast off individual parts to your advantage. Snipe an enemies head off, and they'll target their allies. Bosses are also well made and unique although the battles tend to linger on longer than they should, making them tedious after a while.

The game also includes Multiplayer, with standard Deathmatch and such and a Horde mode called "Invasion". It may hold you over for a week or so, but considering this game doesnt have much of a buzz and with other big name titles around the corner the multiplayer wont last long.

Fairly decent story with interesting characters
Trust System and multiple endings
Upgradable weapons and usable skills
Good combat
Unique bosses

The cover mechanic needs tweaking
Drawn out boss fights
Squadmates can sometimes be bothersome
Basic enemies arent varied enough
No New Game plus (upgrades s

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epic story

posted by soulreaverr (MACON, GA) Jul 5, 2012

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great story love it. for the voice best to use headphones so no other sounds mess with it and turn noise threshold to 20% worked best for me so i could give commands to squad mates. Great controls loved how fluid they were . more fluid when going to cover and movement . allot more fluid than future soldier . real smooth menu and game play noticed high fps felt more like i was playing it on my pc with a controller than my xbox thats how smooth it is. so all in all this game gets a 10 from me

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