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Great game!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 1, 2012

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Playing as a third-person shooter... Binary Domain reminded me of Army of Two, but staged into a well defined future. Controls are simplistic and the game will have you wanting to know what happens next.

Dan Marshall is part of the Rust Crew of the IRTC, a private military operation that deals with robotic mishaps.
Global climate changed the shape of the world and by 2080 robots were used for every endeavor man needed. Used for labor and military power, robotics had advanced well beyond practical ability. Problems arise as a new type of robotic emerges into the public eye. Known as "hollow children" -- A type of robots that did not know they were robots.
Dan Marshall along with other covert operatives that were put together by the remaining nations of the world has sought out to find the person responsible for creating the "hollow children" .

Epic storyline, Sega has created a marvel of a game. The game also features a voice-command(optional) that allows you to give orders to your squad or you can use the button for giving command. The AI works well without commands, though. The graphics are brilliant; the robots are lethal; the gameworld was designed nicely.

The multiplayer is pretty fun as well... I do wish they would have implemented Co-op in the story mode. But there is several types of game modes to play in... Invasion which is you and a few others fight of hordes of oncoming robots. Standard Free for all and capture area, with a few other game modes are available in online gameplay. The online gameplay is pretty fun -- Binary Domain implements a class system, leveling system, that requires a bit of strategy, but it is completely fun.

If you like Sci-fi, futuristic shooters... This title is awesome and well designed.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Nonstop Robo-Stompin' and One-Liners

posted by Vhashaar (Puyallup, WA) Apr 6, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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For me, Binary Domain fell into the same lines as Vanquish (also a Sega game). It looked ambitious in the previews but I had some doubts if fighting the same sort of enemy in a samey environment would hold my attention - and its Sci-Fi concept (while intriguing) was previously expressed in a CG Anime called Vexille.

I was interested, but I was leery.

The game certainly delivers a solid action experience, but there are some glaring issues at times. They don't break the experience, but they are detractors.

I will address the Multiplayer first, briefly. I found it disappointing when stacked up against other currently available offerings. The competitive mode has a small server base of 5 v 5, giving players a 5-class roster with weapons and equipment that can be purchased with kill-points for that spawn only (a la Counterstrike). It is a solid third-person cover shooter, but its sluggish pace and uneven class balance only entertains for a few matches.

The cooperative survival mode offers escalating waves of challenge for up to four players who must work in tandem to survive! But somehow, offering 50 waves per session is painfully banal. Breaking the session into 10 rounds seems sensible, but this mediocre Horde mode shouldn't last 2 hours per sit down.

Now, then. The story:

It's an 80's action movie. No really, there's a big bad faceless corporation, they have shadowy motives, limitless robot armies, and only ONE MAN (with a colorful cast of supporting characters) can gun them all down and save the day!

The cover and shooting mechanics are immediately familiar to current gen games, the weapons have a nice stat-upgrade curve to make them feel meaty. I especially enjoyed the facial and modelling detail. The characters look appealing and the enemies come apart deliciously under fire.

Some missteps include mediocre voice acting and painfully long knockdown/recovery animations that can cost you a tense boss fight.

Relentless action, grea

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GF Rating


just didn't keep my interest

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Mar 11, 2012

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This is a good game....just didn't keep my interest. It has an I-Robot style story and the little bit of story I've gone through is decent. There just are better shooters out there and I just couldn't keep interested enough to play. However, it is a very solid 3rd person cover shoot.

1) graphics were good
2) controls were solid
3) multiplayer was solid (not laggy)

1) good just isn't good enough anymore
2) spawn camping in multiplayer is big flaw
3) no motivation to keep playing

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