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A spiritual successor to Vanquish? Not quite, but

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Mar 9, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

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This is one of those games practically guaranteed to become a cult classic. It's not getting the same kind of aggressive ad campaign as the Mass Effects and CODs, and other derivative sequels to manufactured mega-franchises, of the world, but that does not speak for lack of quality. Hopefully, this will find it's audience and sell enough over a long period of time like fellow Sega under-the-radar hits such as Valkyria Chronicles and Bayonetta.

The story of Binary Domain concerns a "Rust Squad", or an international group of ex-soldiers who destroy robots. A bunch of sentient androids called "Hollow Children" have infiltrated human society all over the world, and a Japanese scientist is to blame. So off they go into Japan to deal with the problem. What follows is a tad slow to start (seriously, the first 15 minutes are a bore), but quickly builds into something pretty special. Even though it has Virtua Cop-esque, "inspired by 80's action movie bravado" dialogue at the start, it's impressive how quickly Amusement Vision actually starts writing natural dialogue and crafting a compelling narrative. It never gets up to Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell-level stuff, but it's quite good. Especially for the Yakuza developer.

Speaking of which, the gameplay and visuals are also an impressive step up from that series. The campaign never lets up; it's stuffed with a large variety of set pieces, story beats, boss battles and other encounters. Unlike the odd Yakuza Dead Souls, this is a very solid shooter. It feels a lot better than something like Uncharted, with rock-solid aiming, terrific feedback and really great hit detection. There's a large variety of robotic foes, including great bosses. And a lot of them can be "manipulated" - shooting out legs will cause them to crawl on the ground, for example. The character models are impressively detailed and the environments are clean and futuristic like in Vanquish.

Do not ignore this because of lack of hype. Give it a re

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Underestimated Game

posted by spacedout33 (YUCAIPA, CA) Jun 4, 2012

Member since May 2011

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Binary Domain is a surprisingly good game that I have understandable underestimated in its ability to be both functional and fun. Being from Sega, whose track record can be seen as anything but steady, it is very easy to simply pass on this game and not give it a second look. However, you would be missing out on a pretty good game that though not perfect in execution does keep you coming back for more and having fun.

Though understandably repetative Binary Domain does hit great notes at being a solid shooter with the ability to percisely attack your enemies so that you can quickly make some nonfunctional while dealing with others. The cover mechanisms works though needs some work on it as there is unnesscessary wall sticking and imperfect movement sometimes. Thoguh the addition of a fairly accurate and useful microphone system does add some points. There are also some minor RPG elements (with upgrading your weapons and stat system) that help to improve variablity.

The graphics and sound are decent though throughly bland at many points, the one saving grace is the art design of the robots which are given a very "I Robot" quality to the game and helps to immediately familiarize people with the game if they have seen the movie. The voice acting is one of my bigger complaints with the game being very much stereotypical "Space/War/Bro-Marine" with those slight ronin sensibilities as would be seen from a Japanese import.

All in all Binary Domain is a definete rent, it is surprisingly well done and very fun to play though repetative gameplay and overall lack of polish keep it from being a total buy for me but fans of futuristic, thrid person, squad based shooters may have some fun with this.

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Short and sweet.

posted by npauley (KENOSHA, WI) May 10, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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I liked the overall plot on this game a lot.. it really leaned towards an obvious conclusion but then all of a sudden took an interesting twist. The philosophy of where computers end and life begins has always interested me though. The game play was smooth.. very nice graphics.. the campaign mode was only about 6 hours long, but kept me interested.. The boss fights are often very long and often times i was begging for them to end because i was completely out of ammo and supplies. Good game. definitively worth checking out. I give it a 9/10 =P

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