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Not a game but an excercise/cook book.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Jan 28, 2010

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If your looking for a game, don't bother. This book would make a good tool for anyone looking for help in changing their eating and excercising habits. I recognise several of the excercises from other excercise books but here they're moving pictures to help you in proper techniques. I don't know how this compares with the biggest looser books or videos, they might be the same info. It does have several tips from both trainers and past contestants. The cookbook has some good recipes if you're into that.

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What a dissapointment

posted by SophiePuff (BETHLEHEM, PA) Dec 14, 2009

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I was very excited to see Biggest Loser relased an exercise game for DS. I enjoy the TV show, and I am a fan of Jullian's 'tough love' approach to becoming fit. She is a wonderful trainer, and I have a program of hers on my home elliptical trainer.

This game, however, fell so incredibly short my expectations, I traded it in within a week. The graphics are terrible. I think my original NES had better graphics. The menu is ugly, and the animations completely useless.

You have the option to track your weight loss and days that you exercise. But, when looking at the calendar, it won't show what specific exercise you did that day, so you have no way of alternating your exercises (legs one day, arms, cardio etc) unless you remembered what you did last. So aside from saying you exercised 4 days last week, it's useless. (it doesn't even say how long you did it for)

The actuall exercises themselves can be found in any basic "how to be fit" book. Simple squats, arm raises, step touch moves, and fake jump rope moves are just plain boring. Especially since you are watching a tiny screen with jumpy 2D animations. After you complete each 'move' you have to go over and touch the screen to move on to the next move. VERY irritating. No music, 16 color palette (or less?), and un-motivational exercises didn't get me ANYWHERE with this.

A small section for quizzes, recipes, and 'fun' is included. The quizes are boring or irrelevant to weightloss. There are only a few of each category for the recipes. And the 'fun' part of taking a pic of your face and superimposing it over previous biggest loser contestants is just plain weird.

Do yourself a favor, don't rent or buy this game. Spend the money on the actual biggest loser cookbook and go for a walk.

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posted by dannyboy5 (LITTLE ELM, TX) Nov 23, 2009

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This is the worst game I have ever played! I mean why did they even make this game? To make kids try and be like two pounds! Do not buy or
rent this game.

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