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Big League Sports: Summer

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The elusive search for the worst Wii game is over!

posted by Virgilcole (SPARTANBURG, SC) Jul 11, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Finally after wading through countless titles searching for this elusive character, I have finally stumbled upon an artifact so disturbing it has prompted me to actually write a review in hopes of warning other Wii owners about suffering the same fate.

This abominations name? Big League sports: Summer. If you value your Wii do not let this game come within 100 yards of your console. Activision has no shame in producing this game, if they did it would have been free.

The graphics are fine, no worse or no better than a lot of Wii games....but then you play it and that burning you feel in your gut tells you something is wrong. Try hitting a home run when the camera is at a 3/4 sideview and you can't tell when the ball is actually in front of you. Or the fact that you have to swing the Wii remote 3 seconds before the pitch actually gets there.

How about Beach Vollyball where you don't actually have to swing anything to hit the ball, just stand and watch.

Then there is Pinball Tennis. You are a Tennis player hitting a Microscopic Tennis ball around a gigantic Pinball machine trying for points. (This is a Summer Game?)

Then you move on to Football where you can either run back punts, or throw a Football at bricks in an extremely boring version of breakout where the bricks fall as though floating in molasses.

I won't go into soccer because by that time I was so disturbed I couldn't play it.

Short story, Graphics are fine, Gameplay is atrocius, already back in the mail, to trade for Gardening Mama.

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Not fit for any league

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 24, 2009

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It's summer time and it's time to go out and play sports like golf, volleyball, and football.
But I think you would have more fun playing the actual sport than this terrible collection, Big League Sports: Summer.
This compilation has six sports: Golf, Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Tennis Soccer and Football.
Let me back up a bit. There are only two sports where you actually play the sport: Golf and Beach Volleyball - and those have been done in many, many other sports compilations - and done better in those compilations.
The other sports has you participating in mind numbing mini games.
In Baseball, you can take swings at pitches and hope to hit home runs, pitch at batters and hope they strike out, or hit coconuts with baseballs.
In Tennis, you can hit a bunch of bricks, act like the paddle of a pinball machine or hit balls in certain areas of the court.
In Soccer, you try to block shots, head shots into the goall or aim and kick targets with soccer balls (just like you did in the Baseball section).
Football's mini games has you running through obstacles, pushing a dummy down the field or hitting targets with footballs (like you did in Soccer and Baseball)
The biggest problem here is these games weren't any fun for me; the only one I liked was the pinball, and even that got boring after a few goes.
If you want to make a mini game compliation, you've got to give it something unique that makes it stand out, and this compilation doesn't have that special something.
Big League Sports: Summer has nothing to do with the big leagues and almost nothing to do with sports. SKIP IT.

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