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"Big Beach Sport": Big bland mess

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 28, 2008

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Big Beach Sports has six - count them six - games for $30; a bad deal for the buyer of this collection of games. Here's the games:
Volleyball is an exercise of you swatting your Wiimote up and down. You have no control where your characters go or where the ball goes; all you can do is hope the AI can't handle your spikes. If not, the game gets boring real fast.
Football is the same is Volleyball; you just wave the Wiimote up and down. Defense is a joke; the only way to win is to score more touchdowns than your opponent.
Soccer is a little better than Volleyball in that you can select who to pass the ball to. But you have no control where any of your players go, and games end up you blindly shooting at the net hoping the AI's goalkeeper won't block your shot.
Cricket has the feel of Wii Sports baseball; the controls are fine. But just like Football, defense is nonexistent; scoring runs came far too easy.
Bocce is one of the better games; it takes some skill to place your large ball nearest the small white ball.
And I liked Frisbee Golf the best; the controls felt the most natural.
However, the biggest flaw of the game shows up almost immediately; the presentation. No matter what game I played, I got bored of that game after giving it a few goes. I could get skill point, win trophies and unlock new characters, but why?
Besides, the graphics are awful. Every character looks like the programmers put an adult head on a toddler's body. Man, that's nauseating. And the courts these games are played on look terrible.
They try to make another good sports game to match up with Wii Sports, but this isn't it.

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Not bad

posted by tictac (SCHENECTADY, NY) Jul 1, 2008

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If you like wii sports, you'll probably like this game. Compared to the rash of sport related games that have recently been released, like Mario vs. Sonic Olympics, this game is better. The controls are simple and are also more accurate than a lot of the other wii games out there right now. It's not the best game in the world, but it definetly a step up and in the right direction for the wii.

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Very Good

A good wii game

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Jul 1, 2008

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Big Beach Sports looks like another one of those really bad games that were made in a half a year. Well i dont really think it is because it actually has some fun things in it. I really liked fisbee golf which is pretty fun and all the other games are pretty good too. I think the controls on wii games still need some tweeking because you might not do anything and accidently do something. But overall this is a very good game. Also its very cheap so if you really like this game which can easily happen, it wont be to hard to get it. This wii game is a must try.

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