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GF Rating


Lacking in Wii-mote utilization

posted by Discgolfer (SANFORD, ME) Jul 16, 2010

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The controls for the games really don't take much advantage of the Wii remotes. For example, the disc golf game has you position the disc at the angle that you want to throw it at and then press B to lock it in place. So there is no reason to be careful of how the remote comes around as you "throw" the disc. It only measures power and release point after that. While this may be good for small children who can't keep the remote steady while they swing it, it makes it way to easy and boring for the rest of us. Nor does it give the game any sense of actually throwing a disc.

There are also two games that are driving like games, one is dune buggies and the other is wave-runners. They are basically the same game in different places. And while you do get to steer with the remote, the steering is plagued by unresponsiveness for the first 45 degrees or so followed by over-responsiveness after that. The effect is that you don't turn, don't turn, whoa turned 90 degrees and can't straighten out now.

Then there is the rugby game. The game is zoomed out so far that you can't hardly tell what is going on on the field. Nor do they give you very good instructions on how to play the game, making it almost impossible to win while figuring it out, then way too easy to win once you do start to grasp the rules.

The final downside to the game is that you don't get to use your own Mii characters. There are about 10 characters that you can choose from that are fairly well drawn, but since this is just a collection of mini-games, it would be much more fun to use your own.

In the end, the game was so bad that I couldn't bring myself to even try some of the games and blocked some of the others from my memory to stave off the nightmares. While some controls will be easier for young kids to use, others are so difficult and touchy that they will just get frustrated at them. I'm afraid I have to say "don't even bother renting" on this one.

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Big Bad Beach Games

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 16, 2010

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In this version of Big Beach Sports, you don’t have to look at players who have adult heads slapped onto toddler’s bodies; these avatars are much more lifelike. There are eight games to be played (Canoe, Cricket, Disc Golf, Dune Buggy, Water Rocket, Rugby, Soccer, and Surfing.)
And that concludes the positive part of the review of Big Beach Sports 2.
This game is your standard mini game compilation with lacking content, questionable controls, and lousy presentation. Each game has something wrong with it.
The racing games (Canoe, Dune Buggy, and Water Rocket) have bad controls to them, and they don’t give very many tracks (Canoe and Water Rocket each has three tracks and Dune Buggy has only one)
Disc Golf gives only nine holes, and it assumes the player is right handed (which I’m not).
Cricket has some of the worst ball movements I’ve seen: the ball would leave the bowler’s hand go in one direction, bounce off the ground and go 90 in another direction, as if it bounced off an invisible wall. Defense is non existent; when someone gets a hit, that team scores runs.
Bad defense also brings down Soccer and Rugby. I saw AI players on both sides stand about and watch as the opposing player with the ball runs right by them as if they were not interested in playing the game at all. Come on guys, where’s your hustle?
Last, and least, is Surfing - the minigame that has me wildly twisting the Wiimote about with no rhyme or reason to perform tricks.
Outside the minigames, this game has nothing to offer - you can pick your avatar and make slight changes to their appearance, but there’s no unlockables for winning - or playing the games. It feels like a big waste of a player’s time
Which is what could be said about Big Beach Sports 2 in it’s entirely: It’s a big waste of a player’s time. SKIP IT.

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Pretty Lame!!!!

posted by artist9734 (CHESTERFIELD, MI) Jun 5, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I was disappointed with this game.

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