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Counting Cards

When playing on Xbox Live remember that no one's watching when you are counting cards. The game work's on simple gaming principles where counting tables and other counting methods can give you a slim advantage.

Easy Money

An easy way to make money quick is to play a tournament with all computer players and constantly fold and let them take each other out. Only bet on sure things and fold the rest until there is three players left including yourself. I get at least second place every time and that\'s 120 thousand purse - for a fifty thousand Tournament. If you don't have fifty thousand there are cheaper tournaments. Also if you have XBox live and you have a friend on your friend list playing in a 10,000 dollar room, you can join their room and get 10,000 to start. You have to pay back the 10,000 from your winning when you leave the room, however, it\'s easier to make money when you have money. Hey if you lose the 10,000 all that means is you start over and join your friend\'s room again and get another 10,000 until you get it right. You don't have to pay back money if you lose it all. You just start over at a thousand.... well 10,000 if you keep joining your friend. The catch is one of you have to have the ten thousand dollars to start the room.

Easy Money

This cheat only works if you have Xbox live. You can make unlimited amounts of money using this glitch in the game. All you have to do is follow these simple steps. Step 1. Either you or a friend that has 10,000 dollars start a private, no limit, 10,000 dollar room without computer players. Step 2. Join your friend in the room or vice versa. Step 3. One of you max bet and go all in before the flop. Step 4. Then the next player folds on the max bet and quickly exits the room using the start button and this will refund your partners money and double it. Step 5. join your friend back in the room and repeat the process as many times as you want. Each time you fold and quickly exit, it doubles your partners bank. Ten thousand turns into twenty and twenty turns into forty and so on. You have to hurry up and exit after you fold because if you take to long, it wont work. The first time doing the process the person exiting may need to come back a couple times before it starts working. This only works with two people in the room thats why you have to turn off computer players. If you do not have 10,000 dollars, use the above cheat to get it.