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Good not great

posted by DMD423 (SCHENECTADY, NY) Mar 23, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

This is the kind of game that has less intense action and spends more time on the story and the character development. It is a third person interactive story. It is not open world and is very linear. If you liked the character development of The Last of Us then you will like this game. The action is not as intense as that one though.

Pros: Graphics are about as good as it gets for the PS3. Anyone who says graphics are bad probably needs to upgrade their tv or adjust settings on their tv or console. The concept of the game in and out of the spirit world is pretty cool and has potential. The character development was top notch. I got sold on the character about two hours in. They even give you some options to make decisions as the character which helps to get you to be more invested. Nothing terribly drastic though as far as the main storyline is concerned. The fighting was pretty awesome to watch but was simple to accomplish for people who don't like overly complex controls.

Cons: I disliked how the storyline jumped all over the place. Granted, I know that's how they keep some things a mystery and sometimes there are memory issues with the character. But this time it was a little over the top. I also disliked how many of the "cutscenes" could have just remained automated and instead became interactive. An example of how this was over the top would be: you walk to the bed, you get in the bed, you turn to one side, you turn to the other side, you get up, you turn on the light, then an action or conversation takes place. It's like, I get it, but I don't need to be that interactive. There were several "stages" which could have been skipped by automation. And finally it did not move along quite as fast as some other games. It did take a little more time to get sold on the game as a whole.

Overall I give it a 7. Good game. Not great. I play a wide variety of games and did not feel like this would have had the same appeal to some of my fellow

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GF Rating



posted by _PSgamer_ (ROCKAWAY PARK, NY) Mar 18, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

You're taking a big chance by ordering this game. Most likely you will be unable to install it and never get to play it at all. There are a couple of online forums that address the installation issues, but the only thing that seems to work for some users is cleaning the disc. If you happen to get a copy that has a single mark on it, you will not be able to play the game. Don't waste your time on this one, you're better off buying it new or going to a redbox rather than waiting a week to get it, then another week to get your next game.

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Holy NOT-FUN Batman!

posted by jpwolf (PLANO, TX) Mar 16, 2014

Member since Feb 2007

Beautiful graphics, but probably the most boring game I have ever played! I just could not get into this, I really don't care about a teenage girl struggling through puberty. BORING!!!!

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