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Could have been better.

posted by sorrowWound (YORK, SC) Apr 23, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

The first play through of this game I found it to be amazing.The graphics, the story no matter how confusing it was, the gameplay. It wowed me. But once I completed the game, I sat back and thought harder. This is a great game and would have been better if the events told per chapter would have been played in order of happening. This made me feel less connected to the protagonist, Jodie. For instance,(SPOILERS) one chapter Jodie is in the lab doing test with Nathan and Ryan comes in and demands Nathan give her over to the CIA, she pretty much declares she does not like Ryan and the next chapter, which is years later, shes falling for him. One chapter you play as Jodie when she was a child, the next chapter shes this bad butt heading into battle. It jumps back and forth between different points in her life over a span of fifteen years. This alone is enough to detach yourself from becoming emotionally involved in a character. If the events had been told in order leading to the Black Sun chapter(the final chapter of the game), if we the player had been allowed to become attached to Jodie and Aiden and the people surrounding them, then this would have been a 10 rating easy, but the simple fact that this had not been the case, makes a second playthrough a no go. I will recommend this, I enjoyed the first playthrough. Maybe others will enjoy the year jumping.

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GF Rating


Beyond : Two Souls

posted by ICEEMAN (KISSIMMEE, FL) Apr 22, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

Great game....gets a bit monotonous at times. The story line is great, graphics are great. The only negative aspect is the simplicity of the game.

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It's an "interactive" movie. Nothing more/less

posted by Beweeg (ROCHESTER, NY) Apr 21, 2014

Member since May 2004

If you're looking for a "game" with deeper than average storytelling and like the idea of a depressing 10 hour movie then this is for you!

To clarify, this is not a game, it's a movie that occasionally makes the player push a button or move a character to advance the next cut scene.

The story is deep and well acted but the entire game has a depressing tone and the main acting by Ellen Page is pretty one-note throughout.

I've played previous Quantum Dream games and both Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy were better. If this is the best "interactive movies" have to offer, the studio would be better off just making movies. This became a bore a few hours in once I realized there were no options outside of what the story had already decided. Sometimes you're given the illusion via options to do things but it's for show, nothing you do has an impact anywhere else. I did finish it to see if it got any better but it was entirely a letdown.

I probably would have enjoyed this more had the story been better. The premise is something that could have been wrapped up (and probably better) in a 90 minute movie.

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