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GF Rating


Directional Quick Timing

posted by Librianitus (MEMPHIS, TN) May 19, 2014

Member since Aug 2012

This game's story is very good, and was not hard for me to get into right away. My experience was very immerse and enjoyable. The only thing that I did not like was the directional quick timing events, it is good that it was not all just button mashing, and they were not helping you too much to the point where it was simple, but it did get bothersome at times when you would fail, or just simply wonder how you made it through that particular instance with sheer guessing power lol. The game does not really punish you, you get plenty opportunities to recover if you screw up a quick time. For some this may be a bother, and it takes away from the sense of accomplishment, but for most it is an easy breather and less stress for them to rage over from accidentally moving the analog stick slightly off in the wrong direction. Other than those sometimes annoying instances, the ghostly companion mechanic is cool, and the things you can do and find while taking control of your ghostly counterpart are interesting, and it gives a whole other side to the immersion. I was on my seat as the main character at times, but when I was able to switch to your soul-mate (hehe) , I felt a bit more powerful, and less on edge. All in all, it's a great game and is worth getting, or at least renting. For the price though, it is indeed worth the buy.

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GF Rating


beyond two souls

posted by grgtait (CORONA, CA) May 19, 2014

Member since Jun 2005

Have no idea how this game plays - both copies I was sent crashed my system several times at install. No other game has done this before or since. BEWARE!!!

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GF Rating


Excellent storyline

posted by fmccalin2539 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) May 17, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

I don't normally play ps3, I primarily stick to Xbox for all my gaming. But this game on ps3 is such a great game and amazing storyline. It's not the type of games I normally play but the storyline was just amazing.

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