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Beyond: Pulp Fiction

posted by Hungrypiemonger (BORDENTOWN, NJ) Jun 26, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Gameplay: Boring, press x to not die quick-time events. Also walking around is clunky as well.

Story: An interesting Sci-Fi story about a girl with a mysterious gift connecting her to a disembodied soul in the Infraworld and their journey in life. unfortunately it is done all out of sequence like Pulp Fiction.

Graphics: for all the work they did on this game, its a shame they didn't just wait til ps4. the game looks great but you can see jagged edges everywhere.

Sound: Everything sounds great, they got Hans Zimmer to do the editing for the soundtrack. Hans did the Tron Legacy soundtrack with daft punk. its awesome.

Final Thoughts: While the game is interesting and unique I feel this could have just been a movie because its controls were very bland.

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OK..I guess

posted by CIAOperative (MENLO PARK, CA) Jun 25, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

It was fun in the beginning, the graphics are amazing, But toward he end the game get a little boring, the person does the same thing over and over again. The story become to be a little bland. So I didn't even finish the game. I think I was about 85% done with the game.

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Really Bad

Interesting but not really

posted by doowop325 (RICHMOND, VA) Jun 25, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I wanted to like this game, i really did. Thank God i rented this. I was really late playing it but i wondered why i never heard anybody talking about it so i wanted to see what was up.
If you like these movie type games then this is the one for you. Not me. No.
I love adv/rpg games and every now and then i would like this type of game but...i liked Heavy Rain. Beyond was basically TOO interactive. You had to do EVERYTHING, it got really annoying. You even have to cook in this game - come on .. i didnt rent Cooking Mama.
The only reason i gave this game a 2 was because the story was actually good (still scattered though) and the graphics were pretty good also.
Overall this game sucked big time though. Dont. Buy. It.

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