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Beyond Good and Evil

Not Rentable
Also on:PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

501 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Beyond Good and Evil

Control Stick Move Jade or her vehicle in any direction.
Control Pad Select objects in the inventory or select a companion
A Button Validate, perform special actions, trigger a Super Attack, take a photom shoot, or lock on to a target. Also, draw alongside a dock in the hovercraft.
B Button Go back to the previous page, dive, roll, or release a hovercraft when on water.
X Button Use a selected object.
Y Button Ask companions for help, or shift to Interior View mode when driving.
Z Button Switch to Look or Camera mode.
L Button Switch to Crouching or Stealth mode.
R Button Switch to Race or Acceleration mode.
C Stick Direct the camera, zoom in, or zoom out.
Start/Pause Access the game menu or pause during the game.