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Beyond Good and Evil

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Also on:PS2, Xbox
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all around bad

posted by youbetcha (EVERETT, WA) Oct 31, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

too many cut scenes. game play is atrocious. hard to move around, all you can do is press A to attack. the puzzles are redundant. enemies all attack in the same manner. quit playing after about hr and a half. people say this plays like zelda.... just really poorly. feels like its meant for kids who never played a videogame before. in the little time i played the game. the only thing i like about it was the how easy it was. if it was hard i would give this game a 2. do not understand how its called a hidden gem. ive seen n64 with better graphics and gameplay.

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GF Rating


A Love/Hate Relationship

posted by Guardian42 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Oct 6, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

When I looked around for some good games that the Cube had to offer, this came up on a few lists as being a lost gem of the system, even though it was on the PS2 and Xbox also.
Honestly, when I started playing it, I wanted to find that love and love it too. Alas I couldn't.
I tried, I really did, but the game feels incomplete and unpolished.
First for the good stuff before I throw dirt on it: graphics and sound are great for the Cube, they really did a great job there. Story is also good, and the game plays a lot like Zelda.
Now for the bad: the controls, while they usually work, also feel incredibly sluggish. Turning is slow and the camera as well. She acts like she's running through water all the time. This can also make it difficult for big battles. Also, the game seems to have a few bugs in it as well. The game froze on me at odd moments several times, forcing me to restart and hope the last place I saved was close by. Usually it froze in mid-loading, but a few times , it froze while dodge a lazer trap or just walking a corner. Really, the freezing really made me hate this game, but i tried again each time, hoping that maybe it wasn't so bad and that the game behind it was still good. Yet, after so many freezes, I couldn't take it anymore.

So, while the game seems to be very well made and unique, there a few bits that you'll have to look past.
Decent to give a try and rent, but not to buy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Legend of Zelda Light

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) May 6, 2012

Member since Sep 2010

Beyond Good and Evil is a true adventure game in the style of Legend of Zelda or Metroid, in which you must explore dungeons to collect various stuff and complete various objectives, all the while also collecting extra hearts for your health meter and extra gadgets which allow you to access new areas. Overall, I enjoyed playing it, but it is far from perfect, and I was frankly expecting more based on its high Gamefly rating and reputation as a hidden gem.

1. The game just plays well and is made with care. The controls are intuitive, the maps are useful, the objectives (while sometimes set up as puzzles) are all doable without consulting a strategy guide or other resource. Playing this game made me appreciate how bad things like camera control, menu setup, item usage, and all the other minor features are in many 3D 3rd person games.
2. I also enjoyed the setting and the setup for the plot. The game is set in a futuristic world in which aliens are invading the planet, and you get tied up in the whole political situation that causes. This story gave me a lot more motivation to play than Zelda's typical "the princess has been captured" motif straight out of the 80s.

1. I found the game to be too short and too easy. There's nothing wrong with this per se, but it's not challenging enough to be considered a gem, in my opinion, and it's a defininite "rent."
2. The story has a good setup, but poor execution. Don't expect to be enthralled by a story with lots of interesting twists and turns. Once you get the basic gist of it, that's pretty much it. The ending was also disappointing.

Other notes:
1. I was surprised that, unlike Zelda or Metroid, the game emphasizes stealth and sneaking past enemies (almost like Hitman) more than fighting. Don't expect too much beat 'em up action.
2. Also, I feel compelled to say that the world of the game is very small. This is nice for getting to your objectives quickly, but the game is not very epic.

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