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Beyblade G Revolution

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GF Rating

78 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy strength points

After the shop is open, go into the back and look at the fridge. You will get a soda. Then, go out, fight a battle, then go back and get another. You should get a strength point. If not, keep repeating. REMEMBER: You can do this as many times as desired.

Easy BBA credits and experience points

When you first start the game, go to where Ray teaches you how to launch. He will ask you to watch him practice his techniques. Say "No". Then, he will ask you to practice battle him. Say "Yes". Get into the battle and do not do anything. Repeat this process repeatedly and you will get 9 experience points each time and get BBA credits in the hundreds. REMEMBER: Only have one Beyblade on you and Ray will grow levels when you do this.

Do more damage when using Bit Beast

When you use your Bit Beast and it hits the other Beyblade. press Up, Down, A (hard combo) to hit him more times.REMEMBER: This does not always work.