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Not bad for a movie game

posted by SKOOT2006 (MANSFIELD, TX) Apr 27, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game seemed a bit long to me, but as far as movie games go this one is better than most.

The controls are simple and switching weapons is a breeze. My only real complaint is the fact that you cannot go back into a completed chapter to redo it and get something you missed. You have to start all over from the beginning.. and your stats don't carry over. :/

Bottom Line: It's worth a rental, but has little to no replay value so most wont want to own it.

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Enjoy the movie, but probably not the game.

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Nov 30, 2007

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Like most movie tie-ins, Beowulf has left me mostly unimpressed. There might be hope here for a weekend rental to bring some entertainment if you keep your expectations kinda low, but this isn't really a very serious game to consider buying or spending much time with.

I became frustrated with the controls pretty early on. A simple thing like climbing a wall in one of the first sequences seemed a chore, and I had to make way too many attempts to be successful. I've played too many complicated games to think that such a simple thing to accomplish was my fault. I've been playing games on the PC since 1993 and on consoles since 2000. Scaling a wall shouldn't have been such trouble for me.

I didn't think the game was enjoyable enough or attractive looking enough to make up for the frustrations. It was back in my mailbox after two days. There are just way too many good games out right now to waste time on a lackluster title like Beowulf.

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dont expect too much and you wont be dissapointed

posted by kevinwpbfl (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Apr 11, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I rented BEOWULF not expecting much as I have read the other reviews. So I pretty much knew what I was getting into.
BEOWULF is really not that bad of a title, especially now considering you can purchase it brand new for 20 dollars. The graphics are a little dated, but the sound and controls are decent for the game, although it does get annoying hearing him scream "I AM BEOWULF" during almost every cut scene.
I did not see the motion picture, although I believe this game is not based on events of the movie.
The game play gets fun, once you figure it out, you basically get to play the game two ways "HEROIC" or "CARNAL" heroic is played by using combos and blocking and dodging foes attacks, also for saving your fellow THANES, on the other hand carnal is where you use your special CARNAL RAGE, that makes you invincible and a killing machine, beware you can and often do harm your fellow thanes and if they all perish you will be forced to start the objective over.
Game play is easy actually and the game is short. There are a few spots(PROTECT THE RELIC)that induces naseau and controller-throwing fits of madness.... there is also this song of thane mini-game, where when you want your thanes to move a rock or push a dial, and even row a boat around obsticles you get to push either the X button or Y button....
the achievements are pretty fast and easy to acheive i believe there is a total of 31 to get, and will probably take 2 play throughs to get the full 1k..
this game is worth a rental..

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