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You will be tested

posted by Gaminfiend (BROOKLYN, NY) Sep 7, 2008

Member since May 2008

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Let me start by saying that: I give every game a chance of being played no matter how bad the game is.
Graphics for this game is like a version 1.0 of a ps2 game. That being said there are some good looking scenery in this game.
The controls works well enough, but the most frustrating thing about this game is not the controls or the graphics or the story but rather the unique way the player gets punish for his AI dying during a battle. I read a review on a major website were the reviewer said that he was stuck at a level were he had to save a cross. I was hype to meet this challenge. So i did, and after a few tries i passed that level, which by that time the game felt like the developers were just throwing random level at the player to prolong the game. To my surprise the saving of the cross is nowhere as frustrating as a boss level in a snow cave later in the game where you fight the boss and her countless minions which can't be damaged with traditional hits. At that point the game becomes a total nonsense. After countless tries i stopped. It's ridiculous. I guarantee you will be stuck on that level too, good luck. If one of you beat it e-mail me at t-zone at caramail . com to let me know how.

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Big Deal!

posted by HallowsEnd (HAMILTON, OH) Nov 16, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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I almost stopped playing this game after the first 5 minutes of the bland ps2 equivalent graphics but figured I would give it a fair chance so, 2 hours later it went back in the sleeve and was returned the next day. This game is awful, gameplay isn't very fun at all and the action stops every few minutes for a short but painful cut scene, the story line was obviously rushed and the swordplay is limited. Also, the fact that you have to push button prompts to get your men to work harder as if you are conducting an orchestra is just plain stupid not to mention annoying to no end! my advise, check out the movie, skip the game.

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Give it a chance

posted by illest (ATLANTA, GA) Jan 10, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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My gf bought me Beowulf for Christmas. Actually, she bought it right before we saw the movie in mid-December; so, I guess she's lucky that I actually liked the movie better than most lol When I opened it, I was initially disappointed, but I promised I'd try it out to appease her. Well, it's actually pretty fun!

It's a hack and slash; so, if you don't like that, definitely pass on it. If you like a hack and slash game though, rent it. Yes, there's a lot of mindless button mashing that might give you carpal tunnel if it doesn't make you furious first. Ironically, "carnal rage" is a key aspect of this game... That aside, the graphics are actually alright. No, they don't compete with Lair, Heavenly Sword, or COD4, but they're much better than I expected from a movie-based game.

I would never buy this game for $60, but she picked it up for $20, and I think it's worth a rent if the top games in your queue are unavailable.

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