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Above Average

Almost Perfect

posted by RentonElric (REDFORD, MI) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I did great in this game. I found all smoothy cups and all phosdon crystals, but Bloxx had one enemy to defeat to get the award, but I didn't. I try to switch Four Arms with Bloxx, but when I do, the game frozen up, which this is a glitch just like Fire Emblem the Path of Radiance. And seeing how Gwen or any other girls are in this game, this is my score of how I think of the game. Six out of ten is my answer.

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GF Rating

Above Average

For fans of the TV show – and only for those fans

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 2, 2012

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Member since Jan 2008

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Sometimes I wonder why they do it – why do they make games based on TV shows and movies? Most of them turn out to be nothing more than an average to a very bad attempt to take more money from the fans of the show (who deserve better than such games.)
Added onto the list is Ben 10 Omnviverse. In this game, one or two players can go against an alien hoard out to take over the world (or something like that).
The player(s) go from point A to point B, beating up on every single bad guy on screen.
Though I do admit some of the aliens that you can play as are inventive, like the one that turns into a rolling, wrecking ball. And there’s a few nice puzzles that make use of those aliens’ abilities.
But this game is for the most part, a button mashing exercise where bad aliens pop in from nowhere and you beat them up. Even the boss fights aren’t very interesting.
And all the leveling up does is unlock more button mashing combos that don’t add anything new or fresh to the game.
But the biggest problem I have with the game is the fixed camera – it makes several simple jumps very hard to pull off, leading to needless deaths and retreats to the last checkpoint
Still, fans of the TV show are going for this game because they have to buy everything with Ben 10 on it – no matter what anyone else says about the game.
But I say you should try it out to see how well you handle Ben 10 Omniverse’s fixed cameras before thinking about buying it. RENT IT.

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GF Rating


Game Is Alright

posted by mbalmerswife (BETHANY, OK) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

If you're one of those people who have to have everything Ben 10 then you might like this game. Gameplay was okay; I rented this for my 7 year old because Ben 10 is one of his favorite shows but game controls and such were much too complicated for him.

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