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Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks


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Ben 10 Vilgax's revenge???

posted by Darkdexter (NIAGARA FALLS, NY) May 8, 2010

Member since May 2010

in Ben 10 u will have the ability 2 take on all forms that ben does in his hit television series . from spider monkey to humungosaur with the exception of alien x of course. even if u r a fan of the series like i am unless u r under 8 years old u wont play past the 1st level . it takes no thought 2 play this game and the camera control is insaneley annoying. had the developers put more thought in to the world and made it less linear it could have been an awesome game. who wouldnt want 2 play as a hero that can turn in to all kinds of super powered aliens . in short unless u r renting the game for a child under 8 i recommend avoiding this title like the plague. they basically took the name and idea of ben 10 and said hey lets make a great idea a horrible game . i would love to have seen this game done right . maybe we will see a good ben 10 game in the future but this is not the game most fans are looking for.

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Above Average

sorta decent nut can do better

posted by royalboy (BRONX, NY) Feb 1, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

To me this game wasnt that good the transforming was good but the graphics was cheesy the bosses was easy the gameplay it self was good overall they can do better next time.

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Above Average

Solid fan service

posted by Arcdelad (SAVANNAH, GA) Jan 8, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

If you, or your kid, or both (as the case is in my instance), are a fan of Ben 10 then this game will thrill you.

With a very respectable assortment of both classic Ben 10 aliens (Cannonbolt) and Alien Force aliens (Goooooooooooooooooooop!), you will have a blast being able to turn into each of the aliens, using their various powers, and being able to switch between them.

The game sports very respectable graphics - the character animations are particularly crisp, and while the backgrounds aren't always spectacular, they are by no means ugly looking.

The sheer amount of Ben 10 villains in the game is also amazing for the fans, and each character, including Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and all the aliens, is voiced by the same people from the show. Each boss is actually quite challenging and figuring out the pattern to beat them can be a lot of fun.

The game essentially is a puzzle solving platformer for 70% of the game, and a button mashing brawler for the other 30%. Like most action games these days, you can also upgrade and unlock the aliens' powers by collecting colored orbs that drop off of vanquished enemies.

My biggest gripe with the game was the camera angle, which seems to inexplicably work against you at times, which can make doing some of the puzzles extra difficult for really no good reason.

If you are a Ben 10 fan, you will enjoy this.

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