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Beijing 2008

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Not To Be Played Alone

posted by NameHere (CARY, IL) Apr 11, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

I own this game and I have a blast playing it. I only really play it though with my friends. Now a days games are all made to be played online and by yourself. Back in the day all the games were able to be played by yourself and split screen and still be fun.
This games single player is not good at all, mainly for the fact that if you don't complete in the top 3 in an event your Olympic run is over. Th controls are the same as any other Olympic based game going all the way back to the NES days, which means it mainly consists of button taping. (Though that is only the racing events.) But the game does give you an alternative controls to button mashing. The controls are fine though it makes it extremely easy to pick up and play.
This game is diffidently meant to be played with friends. Making your own Olympic schedule trying to out medal your buddies and win more events is what makes this game fun.

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This game made me want to play Track n Field (NES)

posted by fnf101 (HINTON, WV) Feb 3, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

The controls are screwed up in this game. I have no problem pushing A and B really fast, but trying to hit the left trigger while going clock wise with the thumbstick just isn't possible. This game could have been good, the graphics are nice. The sound and music are fine. Just the idiotic controls ruin this game.

The Air pistol part was fun, and the gymnastics area was good, but everything else sucked really bad. The controls are just overly complicated. Track N Field for the NES sounds x10 better than this game. I think I'm going to go play that :(

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i wouldnt purchase it

posted by kallman (HAMMOND, WI) Dec 30, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

THis game is to confusing and it takes to long to find a good event that you are good at and this game is impossible to win a race im hittin ab so fast but he is slower than molasses in january but it does have good graphics

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