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Beijing 2008

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Meet Me in Beijing

posted by MrEKO1973 (WEST FRANKFORT, IL) Jul 19, 2008

Member since Jun 2005

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Beijing 2008 for the Xbox 360 is probably the best Olympic game ever made. Of course, that's like saying, "That's the best manure sandwich I've ever eaten." Ok, it's not that bad. Actually, there are a lot of positives on this title. The best thing about it is that it’s not just track and field. There are multiple events that include pistol and skeet shooting, diving, and judo. The menus and presentation are smooth and the graphics are decent for its genre. Some of the games play like complex mini-games but it's hard to ask for more from a game that boast 36 events. And at $39.99 it's a good value.
Now some of the bad: You better have a sturdy 360 controller. I think I damage mine trying to run the 400m dash. Its lots of alternate button pushing and thumb stick waggling. A friend of mine actually ended up with blisters on his palms from the track and field events. I can see many of these games playing better on the Nintendo Wii.
Another problem, if you want to call it that, is that athlete’s names are not allowed to be used. I know these are supposed to be armature games and the participants are not allowed to profit directly from the Olympics but, it would be nice if I beat a guy named Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly relay and not CPU USA. I can’t yell at a guy named CPU USA. Unfortunately, the online play is where the game really suffers. The constant lag and dropped game issues really hurt what could have been a fun online experience. Overall, I would say this game is worth a rental and not a buy.

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Really Bad

Major disapointment

posted by PastorNick (DAYTON, TX) Aug 19, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Here is a game I was highly anticipating. The idea of having an all-american team with so many different competitions going on at the same time, and the numerous options of games to play was very intriguing to me. Needless to say, my hand was cramped after two hours of button mashing. Every single game you had to mash the A and B in ridiculous speed just to keep up. And two hours after opening the Gamefly box, it was back in the Gamefly box and in the mail the next day.

I didn't listen to all the reviews I read about the game-play being a waste of time, because I am such a competitive person, I wanted to at least try it. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME waiting for this game to be mailed to you, because you will mail it straight back. And that will be one week worth of Gamefly out the window..

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Might make a fun party game but my thumbs hurt

posted by SKOOT2006 (MANSFIELD, TX) Apr 20, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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Well, I was looking forward to trying this game. Thought it would be so refreshing to play some obscure sports... but its little more than button mashing.

Some of the games are fun - I quite enjoyed Archery, Javelin, and Diving. But most are overly complicated with uncomfortable controls. Running and Swimming are horrible on your thumbs since the easiest way to make them move is by pressing A and B - the faster you alternate the faster you go.. my thumbs hurt after about 10 min. With such annoying controls, winning most events is not likely. Not unless you want blisters on your thumbs :)

All that said, I think this might make a fun party game (and I'm sure drinking would help).. get 4 people on the same xbox and go to town. Since you'd all equally suck it would be fun to best your buddies.. at least until your thumbs hurt

Bottom Line: Pass unless you want to try a new party game.

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